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D1S Mega Xenon Headlamp Bulb 35W - P1

Flosser 85510 - 125253

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Genuine Volvo - 30763954

Product Description

Flosser "Mega" Xenon bulbs feature a 5000K color temperature for vibrant white illumination. Compared to OEM bulbs which are typically 4200K Flosser "Mega" bulbs will appear a notch whiter in light output. 

So why do you want a higher color temperature Xenon bulb? Well, for a couple reasons.

For one, some people simply prefer a bit whiter light than the stock bulbs. More practically speaking though, over the life of a Xenon bulb its color temperature slowly changes. The older the bulb, the whiter the light it emits. This change can be visible if you compare a brand new bulb to one that's been installed for a year or more. A freshly installed single new factory style Xenon bulb can look more yellow than its already "broken in" companion on the other headlight. Installing a single Flosser "Mega" bulb means you can replace one bulb at a time and not see a color difference between lights after install. 

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

In 2010 Volvo started offering what they called "Active gas Discharge" headlamps on P1 models.  What they mean by "active" is that the headlamps can pivot with the steering to allow you to better see around corners.

The "active" gas discharge (xenon) headlamps use different bulbs than the regular gas discharge lamps.  Some 2010 and newer models may have either style lamp.

If you have any of the following models you will need to check the style of bulb against the images on our site to ensure you order the correct one:

  • 2010-2012 C30
  • 2010-2012 C70


About Flosser

"Made in Quality - not just words, but a dedication." Flosser is from Trier/Germany where they have been supplying automotive lighting products related to the safety of driving for over 50 years: bulbs for cars, motor-cycles, trucks and buses, fuses, relays and also signal horns. Not only is FLÖSSER known for high quality products, but also for providing customised service. 


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