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650cc Fuel Injector Set

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One of the stumbling points in building a Volvo turbocharged 5 Cylinder build is getting enough fuel into the cylinders to limit detonation and aid combustion chamber cooling. High output Volvos are notorious for piston and ring failure caused by fuel delivery shortcomings. It is critical that you use an injector package that is capable of supporting your output AND of high enough quality that you can trust the response and consistency throughout the duty cycle range.

It is common to use modified OE Bosch 430cc green injectors, but rebuilds from an unknown source can be inconsistent and unreliable. We have also found the Siemens Deka alternative to idle poorly and cause starting issues. The non-OE units also do not fit the Volvo seal depth correctly which could have catastrophic consequences. We tried many common options before being overwhelmed by this superior alternative from an OE grade manufacturer.

These IPD Bosch EV14 injectors offer OE grade quality and performance in a bolt-in package. They supply the volume and consistency needed without sacrificing drivability and function in poor conditions. We have these built to fit correctly in the intake manifold, making them one of the only full replacement options to fit and vacuum seal at least as well as the OE. These include the electrical adapters so that there is no wiring modification required for installation. In fact, when run in the inverted position, they are a virtually invisible upgrade to your fuel delivery system.

Each set of injectors is flow tested, balanced and matched. The testing data of each individual injector is included in the package when you receive them. This is considered an information standard in the quality end of the performance industry. Why would you trust your engine to less?

Note: Larger injectors will require proper tuning and may require re-routing the injector harness to install the cover. Some tuners may not know how to rescale the dash computer fuel mileage function for larger injectors, which can lead to artificially inflated fuel mileage figures.

About DeatschWerks

Founded in 2004, DeatschWerks, LLC is a company dedicated to providing high-performance fuel system solutions. DW does a lot in manufacturing including design, end-manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, marketing, and administration. DeatschWerks' roots were established by offering high flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors. In 2009 DW expanded into fuel pumps with the DW300 the first in-tank fuel pump to outflow the standard 255 LPH pump. 

Since then, DW has developed innovative fuel system components such as the in-line 250iL and 350iL pumps, modular surge tanks, conversion fuel rails, dual-stage fuel filters, and ethanol compatible fuel pressure regulators. Today, the DeatschWerks line-up of fuel system components includes over 500 SKU’s covering Sport Compact, Modern Muscle, and Euro applications.

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