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4T4 Turbocharger Base Kit Includes Tune

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If you drive a 2004-2007 R model, you’re a part of an elite group of Volvo enthusiasts. The R model is one of the most advanced performance vehicles, even compared to models offered today. The stock K24 turbocharger offered on the R can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to overall performance delivery. We’ve been testing and tuning the limitation of the R model since it became available in the U.S. market. Working closely with our tuning partner MTE has allowed us to discover the primary performance limitations.  

IPD’s 4T4 ball bearing turbocharger for Volvo’s B52X4T engines is the first completely custom manufactured bolt on turbo available. This is a serious turbo for the enthusiast that wants to extract the maximum performance from the factory supplied engine in their car or for the engine build producing up to 500 crank horsepower.

Volvo uses a proprietary design for the exhaust manifold flange and outlet that made it necessary for us to manufacture a custom stainless steel exhaust housing from scratch rather than modifying a component from another car. Volvo also uses a low pressure TCV boost control system that will not work with most waste-gate actuators, requiring us to use our own specific billet actuator.

Our primary goal was to build the best possible solution for performance while allowing the use of intake and exhaust performance components that may have been previously installed by the tuner. Our larger more efficient ball bearing design allows far greater power output, at lower than stage 2 boost levels, without sacrificing mid-range boost delivery. This turbo represents the perfect synthesis of OE grade manufacturing processes and aftermarket performance improvement while maintaining factory fit. We feel this is the ultimate answer for the discerning performance enthusiast.

This base kit is designed for the customer that is already at a stage 2 level and wants to add the IPD 4T4 turbo to their car. If you previously installed our Turbo Inlet, Charge Air Pipe, External Diverter Valve, Intercooler, and completed your Exhaust system on the car, this kit contains the components to complete your stage 3 upgrade. While these components are custom for this application, they will install with other upgrades that were designed for the factory K24 turbocharger. 

For in depth specifics and further information about IPD's 4T4 turbo, turbo kits and all associated components click here.

IPD 4T4 Turbo Base Kit includes these features:

  • IPD 4T4 turbocharger incorporating a 44lb/min billet compressor wheel
  • MTE Stage 3 ECU tune
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing CHRA
  • Ceramic coated stainless steel exhaust housing
  • IPD billet wategate actuator
  • High pressure Aeroquip hose for water lines 
  • Stainless steel braided oil feed line and hardware
  • Metal oil drain tube with o-ring and gasket
  • OEM Volvo manifold to turbo metal gasket
  • Set of 5 IPD 650cc fuel injectors


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