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92042017-05-25PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmarcustilton [at] comcast [dot] net
-1983 245 turbo factory wheels. three in good condition, one with curb rash. all need paint. asking $125.00 -245 cargo gate, metal $25.00 located in hartford, ct reply to
92032017-05-24PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESadam [dot] nonis [at] gmail [dot] com
I'm going a different route with the drivetrain in my Amazon project and am looking to sell the current gear. My build thread is and has VAST amounts of info on the build AQ171C Lower/Head This is an unknown mileage AQ171C and will include the from the head down (no intake or exhaust). Will also include (2) valve covers and has a B20 oil pan and modified oil pump for vertical use. Has modified distributor housing and trigger wheel for MS. Has a NIW timing belt setup $700 (Not including shipping. Prefer local pickup) Unknown mileage Toyota Supra R154 5 speed transmission Will include everything from flywheel to tailshaft set up for vertical redblock usage. Uses hydraulic throwout bearing. $800 (Not including shipping. Prefer local pickup) NIW 16v turbo header for canted engine. Built for external wastegate. $500 shipped NIW 16v intake manifold for upright engine. Powdercoated texture black. Will include fuel rail and injectors. may, or may not include throttle spool and linkage extension (I need to see if I can still find it) $600 shipped I have not started/run ANY of these components. No warranty implied. Please email me at adam.nonis (at) gmail (dot) com or text (2oh6) 2two8-897two for any questions. Will make a KILLER package deal for someone to take it all (will not ship complete). All is still in my Amazon and will be removed over the next couple of weeks.
91932017-05-05PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Original equipment 240 window crank handles and battery hold down clamps $10 each I have several of these. OE radiator caps $5
91872017-05-04PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Bosch 5 light tail lights (the hard to find ones. I am selling all 4 Tailights for $85. 2 of the lights are in real nice shape but missing reverse lense. Perfect for those who have broken lights with reverse lense intact.
91862017-04-30PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
NEW! Small Clock for 240 . NOS clock purchased for project never finished. $50
91692017-04-17PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESvolvo240 [at] aroundbeantown [dot] com
1990-1993 Volvo 240 Cruise Control kit. This plugs and plays since the 1990-1993 US and Canadian 240s came pre-wired for this accessory. This "kit" comes complete with turn signal stalk with cruise control switches, wiring harness, computer module, vacuum release switch(es) for the pedals, tubing for vacuum, actuator and linkage to accelerator, vacuum pump (stand alone vacuum unit, this kit DOES NOT use engine vacuum) and instructions. Volvo OEM parts. Asking $150 for automatic transmission car and $175 for manual shift car. Photos on request. THANKS IPD!
91582017-05-04PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Nice trunk carpet for 240 that has been in storage. $15
91522017-05-04PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
ICU (ignition control module) for 83-84 Volvo 240 B23F These are getting hard to find. $40
91352017-05-04PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Mass air sensors and computers for 83-84 Volvo 240 (0280212002 ) $50 MAF sensor part # 0280212007 $45 MAF sensor 0 280 212 016 3 517 020 (fits 89-93 240 740 940 (check application) $40 Computers for most 240's $40 Other parts available
91342017-05-04PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmlal00 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Spare tire cover for 240 volvo in nice condition $15
91322017-03-13PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESmjlaperch [at] gmail [dot] com
D24T Diesel Engine for Sale (Rebuilt) Hello! I am selling a D24T Diesel Engine that was completely rebuilt two years ago. It comes with everything to convert your Volvo 200 700 900 etc. to a diesel. Please call 203-733-1696 or email
91282017-03-14PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESkendalls [at] psouth [dot] net
Original 240 Series Set of 4-14" Rims ,Hubcaps & Tires. Mastercraft "Strategy" All-Season Tires 185/70/14, Tire Mfg Date 9/15. All measure 8-9/10", no cracks, worn evenly. Rims are good, Hubcaps: (1)Good, (3)Fair - Good, (need decals), no rash! Will deliver within 100 miles (round trip) of Cornish, ME. 04020, $225.00 or BRO Contact:Joe Kendall at or text 207-232- 3369
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