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Bryan Cottrell

Marketing Manager
503-257-7589 x 146

I currrently work as ipd's marketing manager and graphic designer. I was an ipd customer for many years before I became an employee September of 2006. I was attracted to the family feel of ipd and when the opportunity came to be part of it I jumped right in. I create the annual catalogs, newsletters, marketing material as well as support our fantastic website with graphics and photo content. I design any and all marketing material that the company needs and hope to reflect the qualities and ideals of ipd through that design. I went to school at Portland State University with a degree in graphic design here in Portland Oregon. I love the Volvo community and great design. ipd was the perfect fit.

Besides my vintage Volvo addiction, I also love my 2004 Jeep Wrangler and whitewater kayaking and I own a kayak rental business in Clackamas, Oregon called Oregon River Rentals.

1970 140

My highly modified 1970 140

I currently own 2 vintage cars. One 1969 140 and a 1970 140. My favorite is my blue 1970 142s pictured above. A ton of work has been put into this car with an enormous amount of help from my dad who somehow sucked me into these Swedish monsters. It's now an addiction I can't quite conquer and it's gotten to the point where I'm not sure if I want to. These cars are so much fun to drive. I'm currently working on the interior dash of the car creating a custom aluminum cover for the face, custom knobs, adding a few gauges etc. I plan on making aluminum door lock pins and bezels, updating my stereo system and a few other little additions. It has pretty much every ipd product available and has had an incredible amount of body work done... again.... my dad. I had an idea of what I wanted and my dad helped make it a reality. I truly consider this car my dad's as much as it is my own. The other 142 pictured below, is a 1972 that has a nicely done b230 conversion done to it. It's a beautiful car that I sold to buy the 240 pictured below but then sold that to buy a 1994 850 wagon to haul around my small family.

On the left is my current 1970 140. On the right my former 1972 140.

UPDATE: I'm currently in the process of doing a T5 transmission conversion on my 1970 142. While I enjoyed the M41, the T5 will allow me to feel like I'm racing with the big boys with my MGW short shifter upgrade. It will also be a practical improvement as this will be a 5 speed minus any electronic overdrive components and will eliminate the hard to find tranny parts. I also recently enabled my iphone to be used through the stereo system which is a nice upgrade. My last little project is to replace the old stock knobs and faces (pictured above). I've lathed some new faces and now need to make the actual knob that the faces will sit in. The faces will be anodized black and laser etched with the labels of what they control. I'm pretty happy with the dash so far.

1970 142 Specs and Mods:

  • 14" Laguna wheels
  • Rear spoiler
  • Retractable antenae
  • Custom front air dam
  • Halogen headlights
  • Shaved bumpers, blinkers and marker lights
  • All body seems welded
  • Custom inset rear license plate frame
  • 74 140 GL interior
  • Custom aluminum interior dash panel
  • Volt and Oil pressure gauges
  • Custom interior center console
  • Aftermarket shifter knob
  • Tinted windows
  • ipd aluminum door lock pins and bezels
  • Wool seat covers
  • 800 watt Sony XPlod amp for subwoofers
  • Alpine amp for interior speakers
  • 14" Mountney steering wheel
  • 2- 10" subwoofers with custom box
  • Pioneer Premier CD stereo head unit with ipod adapter


Several people have asked me how we dropped the car so low without cutting the springs. We cupped the A-frame a few inches in the front and notched the frame in the rear. 

Modified transmission crossmember to adapt the new T5 to the B20

1969 142

The condition I got her in

The current state of the 140

Pat Priester who owns Alpine Imports in Springfield, Oregon and a guy who I've known for a while due to our involvement in the Volvo community, gave me a call asking me if I would be interested in taking an old 142 off his hands. He said it was in fair condition and that it was pretty straight but wasn't sure what year it was.

Let me now explain that I believe I might have a problem. When someone offers me free or near free 140's, which has happened a few times over the years, I have a real struggle passing it up. I talked it over with the wife expecting her to say no with no hope of negotiation when to my surprise she said yes. Our family happen to be having a family event in Eugene a few weeks after Pat called so it seemed this was meant to be. I went to Eugene with nothing and after renting a tow dolly, came home with a white 1969 142. Now, what to do with it? After thinking about it for a few days decided that I really prefer the 2 doors over the wagons and that I needed to consolidate my collection of 140's. I made the decision to transfer all the powertrain components from my 1971 140 wagon (pictured below) to my newly aquired 69. It's a tough decision because I have had a lot of memories in my wagon but I understand that I need to move on. So, I picked up a nice set of era correct wheels from the classified section of ipdusa.com and picked up a spare interior that my brother graciously gave me and wasn't going to use. Over about the space of a year, I stripped it down and cleaning it up. My goal was to just to get it up and running, put some ipd sport springs and sway bars on it and make it my daily driver. Mission accomplished. I'm now driving the 69 every day to work now and am now working on a custom dash with VDO gauges. I'm always tinkering with it but am trying to restrain myself from putting to much into it. We'll see how successful I am.

1969 142 Specs and Mods:

  • Rebuilt B18 motor
  • weber carb
  • Exhaust header
  • ipd anti-sway bars
  • Electronic ignition
  • ipd spark plug wires
  • 15" Aftermarket wheels
  • ipd air dam
  • ipd lowering coils
  • Bilstein HD shocks
  • Powder coated a frames, trailing arms, crossmembers etc
  • M41 transmission
  • PIAA halogen headlights and super bright bulbs
  • Lecarra steering wheel
  • Custom exhaust

1994 850 Non Turbo Wagon

A co-worker of mine expressed an interest in selling his 850 wagon at some point during our conversation he told me that I should buy it. Knowing that this particular co-worker does great work and is very detailed with pretty much every aspect of his life, I figured that his car would be in great shape as well. We had been driving our 240 and I thought it would be a good choice to finally upgrade to a "modern" car that my wife could comfortably drive the kids around in. After discussing it with her, Jeremy and I came to an agreement on a good fair price and there you have it. I've learned much more about the 850 model after some hesitancy but now I've fallen in love with this wagon.

  • Pegasis wheels
  • Big brake kit
  • Bilstein shocks
  • ipd aftermarket grille

UPDATE: August 2014: Wife was hit by a drunk driver and totaled the 850. Sad day. We'll miss that car.


1967 122

The day it got sold. So long old pal.

I also had a 1967 122s wagon that I'm constantly upgrading and improving. I'd like this to be my next project car once the 140 is finished. I'd really rather like to modify a sedan rather than a wagon but I'm sure something will come along if it's meant to be. It's a gorgeous car that I can take little to no credit for. Most of the work had been done before I bought it from a nice guy in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state. I drive this as my daily driver when my 140 is out of commission for repairs or when I simply miss driving it. It also rolls on 15 inch Panasport wheels which are pretty sweet looking in my opinion.

UPDATE: Motor blew on my way to work 10/28/09. Engine unrepairable.  Broken spring, pushrod, valve etc.Sad sad sad day.

After prodding from my wife and the realization that I need to let something go, I decided to put my beloved 1967 122 up for sale. Within 2 days it sold which was good for me as it was quick and painless. I have a strong feeling that the gentleman that bought the car appreciates it's value and heritage and will take wonderful care of it. It's sad to see it go but now I can move onto other projects and focus on detailing my 140's. My brother has a 69 122 2 door that he said he'd sell me one day so I will likely be in the company of a 122 again. Goodbye old friend. I'll cherish the memories.

1967 122 Specs and Mods:

1990 240

My wife drives a 1990 240 wagon that's been lowered with ipd coils and has ipd anti-sway bars. She got tired of driving the 122 with the kids in the back and I couldn't dissagree. We needed a safer and more reliable car to haul the kids around in. I wasn't a fan of the 240's but it quickly grew on me and she loves that car and it's important that she does. There's nothing worse than driving a car you hate. That's not an issue with our family.

1990 245 Specs and Mods:

UPDATE: We've since sold the 1990 240 and bought a 1994 850. See above.




1971 140

I am in the process of disassembling  the 1971 145 I drove in high school. to build my 1969 142 project car. I can't keep both and had to make a tough decision on which car to restore. I have a fondness towards the 2 door models and despite the strong attachment I had with this 145 that took me to and from school and all over parts of Oregon, my attraction to the 2 door version won out. So long old friend. We had some good times. To see more pictures of my 1969 142 project car, check out the pictures below or visit my facebook page.

UPDATE: I was given the white 1969 142 and had to decide which car to rebuild between my 140 wagon and the 69 2 door. I chose to take the running gear out of the wagon and transplant it into the 2 door. Enough parts were taken off that the wagon became scrap metal and I sadly but respectfully cut her into four pieces and took it to the scrapper. So long old friend. You will live on vicariously thru my 142.

1971 145 Specs and Mods:


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  If you have any questions or want to leave any comments feel free to e-mail me at bryan@ipdusa.com


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Community Comments

Monday, March 30, 2009 - KEVIN RUTLEDGE

Bryan, If my 140 looked as good as yours, I'd still be driving it!

Saturday, May 30, 2009 - LOWPHAT4G

How long from start to completion?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - BRYAN COTTRELL

It took a little more than two years from acquisition to completion. I was constantly working on it... almost daily I did something to it or for it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - JEFF

Am loving your 144 - I would leave the Motherland, come over the pond and buy it from you tomorrow ! Great work !

Thursday, August 5, 2010 - REGISTRY CLEANER REVIEWS

I am the first time on this site and am really enthusiastic about and so many good articles. I think it's just very good.

Monday, September 13, 2010 - MICHAEL FINK

I'm Glad to see the wheels you bought from me went to good use! Check out my facebook page to see them on my old '79 242 and then on the "73 164. Funny how Volvo things go full circle, I originally bought them from some one who worked at IPD.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - LT

see you used a 240 spoiler on your 72 is it attached to the bumper or lower valance ? thinking of doing the same to my 71 142e

Friday, November 19, 2010 - MR BARRY HERBER

Hi from Norfolk England, i very much enjoyed looking at your photo's and love your cars.I have a cherry red 144 as a fast classic road car with the same wheels as one of your blue cars, they are from a 240 glt in England and i get much trouble with steering wander,have you found the same or have you done something to cure it?I think you have done an excellent job on your cars especially your ally dash.Happy volvoing.

Monday, December 6, 2010 - BRYAN COTTRELL

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I really appreciate it. LT - That spoiler was on the car when I bought it and it fit so incredibly well I thought it was made for a 140 but I'm not sure. I believe it was bolted to the lower valance rather than the bumper. Barry - The only time I have trouble with steering is when a steering box is on its way out. You get a good box and tie rods and the it should handle wonderfully. Thanks for the comment on the dash. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out. Not done yet but one day it will be hopefully.

Saturday, January 8, 2011 - JUSTIN

can you tell me where you sourced the front lip from on the '70? I love it, super basic and subtle.

Monday, January 31, 2011 - BRYAN COTTRELL

Justin - Thanks for the compliment on the front lip. I wanted something exactly that; very basic, clean and simple. I made the front lip using a piece of steel welded to the top of the inside front apron of the car and used conveyor belt material and screwed it to the welded piece.

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