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A Volvo Story - Daniel Engbergs 2 Door S70

2020-03-03 - Megan Russell

Every so often we receive Volvo build submissions from our customers, and we love each and every one of them, but this one took the cake! Daniel Engberg of Engbergs Garage in Sweden, sent in pictures of his Volvo S70 for our 2020 IPD Photo Contest and we just had to ask him- HOW?! This really caught us off-guard, in a good way. We just had to know more!

Below are some of the pictures and information he sent us. Check out this one of a kind Volvo below:

This Volvo S70 started out as a 1999 T5 SE model in bad pretty shape. 

All of the windows, doors and panels on the S70 had to be removed, to put in work on the chassis and frame. 

A lot of measuring twice and cutting once took place here. To get the 4 door down to a 2 door, a complete center chunk of the Volvo had to be removed and reinforced to make it work with the new chassis design. The rear door had to be partially cut and worked into the new skin of the Volvo, including cutting out the rear quarter gllass pillar and making it one large window. 

Once the chassis was straight and the interior was mocked up, they went into full fabrication mode and started creating the fender flares and side skirts out of metal, all by hand. 

This process is such a pain, but incredibly worth it- look at the results!

Lining up the trim with the new body panels was incredibly important to making this one off Volvo look seamless and factory. 

To make the doors work with the shortened frame, they had to put two S70 doors together to create a longer door for the new S70 coupe.  

A lot of tinkering and thought went into the re-imagined S70 front end. 

Next was molding in the new body pieces, body prep (body fillers and sanding) and paint. It looks like the S70 started out as red before they decided to spray the S70 in the Volvo Flash Green.



Though there are many steps we are missing from point a to point b, but the final product really speaks for itself and we respect the builders anonymity when it comes to everything that went into making this very special S70 coupe, or as the custom badge says "S72". 

Somewhere along the line, they decided that Volvo Flash Green was going ot be this S70's final look- and we're happy he did. The Volvo Flash Green really makes this custom Volvo S70 come to life!

Another design element that they decided to add to this build, was a Mitsubishi Evo 7 adjustable wing. We love this sporty element!

The exhaust is a Ferrita center exit exhaust.

The engine is from a 1998 Turbo S70, with a modified T19 turbo, capable of making roughly 500hp. 

The suspension is, as expected, completely custom. Front end is Sellholm, and the rear is a set of custom made Ohlins.

The wheels are Superstar Grandeur 5 spokes that are 19" x 8.5" 235/30 -19

The engine is from a 1998 Turbo S70, with a modified T19 turbo, capable of making roughly 500hp. The piping and valve color are matched to the car in Volvo Flash Green to really bring it all together. 

This is a seriously well done build! We hope to see more from Daniel Engberg in the near future! Stay tuned to our IPD Volvo - A Volvo Story blog series for more unique and special builds just like this one. 

Check out Daniel Engbergs work here:

More images:

Photo Gallery

Community Comments

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 2:49 AM - "DA"
I got to give you credit man that is a beautiful car and done very very well. Lots of imagination went into it lots of creativity and lots of blood sweat and tears. But what an outcome honestly just art!
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 2:53 AM - "DB"
So SWEET!!! I want one!
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 5:11 PM - "LW"
Well Done! A true craftsman with outstanding results. I like the red better but that's just me. Congratulations
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 8:15 PM - "MC"
Wow, impressive considering the huge amount of work it took. Talk about a dedicated person! Very, very impressive! I "love" my 2000 C70 Convertible to which I've added many upgrades, so can much appreciate this enthusiasm! Cheers. ex-brit Mike Coe. Calgary. Alberta.
Friday, March 13, 2020 1:14 AM - "E"
I didn't notice it was a 2 door until I read the description! I'm pretty satisfied with how quick my 2000 GLT SE is, which is stock, I can't imagine 500 horse power!!!
Thursday, May 14, 2020 7:07 AM - "DB"
S72!!!! Wow; maybe that will be what my S70 becomes after it grows up? After 21 years I doubt it... I have tried to get MORE POWER out of it but it burned a couple of valves in thanks for all my trouble. Alas. Dane

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