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2019-05-17 - Megan Russell - Chris Delano

Garage Sale Auction Items!

These are the auction items available for our Garage Sale event on May 18th, 2019.

All proceeds are going to our non-profit organization Nursingale

AUCTIONS START AT 1:30pm on May 18th at our Garage Sale!


IPD Tune for P1, P2 or P80 turbo cars  $795.00 Value

Starting Bid $200.00

This is for a MTE/IPD tune.  This can be performed on P1, P2, and P80 vehicles.  This can be performed at IPD or we can send a GLUON unit to pull the information and tune remotely. 


IPD Silicone Throttle Inlet Tube Black for P2 models $199.00 Value

Starting bid $80.00

IPD’s Silicone Throttle Inlet Tube #121432 is wire reinforced able to withstand the harshest conditions.  The larger diameter silicone allows more consistent air flow.  Fits 2003- P2 S60/V70/XC70


PIAA Platinum LED Headlight Conversion Kit $150.00 Value

Starting Bid $60.00

PIAA’s Platinum LED Headlight Kit allows you to upgrade your halogen headlight to a brilliant LED system.  PIAA provided a gift certificate for any Platinum LED conversion kit they carry. 


Set of Voxx Mag Wheels FWD/AWD Application  $800.00 Value

Starting Bid $200.00

VOXX 18x8 ET45 73.1 HUB Gloss Black Wheels

Link shows machined face, this set of black is a rare set we no longer have stock of, but have a set to auction off!


GROM wireless handsfree units  $250.00 Value

Starting Bid $80.00

GROM provided two Wireless Hands Free Kits for P2 Volvo headunits.  If you’re looking to stream music wirelessly, these will be available for auction.


IPD HD Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit Billet  $180.00 Value

Starting Bid $60.00

IPD part #121854.  These fit P2 S60/V70/XC70/S80 models.  IPD is the first company to offer Volvo customers full stainless steel brake lines with Billet Aluminum T6061 Fittings.  These are the ultimate in brake line technology. 


Do88 Gift Certificate  $1,000 Value

Starting Bid $300.00

DO88 in Sweden donated a $1,000 gift certificate for any part they currently manufacture.  Once you receive the gift certificate you can visit their website, pick part numbers and submit through IPD Volvo.  We will order the parts and have them shipped to IPD. 


IPD Reverse Intercooler Pipe Kit  $249.00 Value

Starting Bid $100.00

IPD part #113685 fits 1995-1998 P80 850/70 series Volvo. If you’re looking for a way to maximize efficiency with your intercooling system, reverse the routing and reduce the temperature and shortens the length of tube utilized.  Maintain boost levels and air intake temps with IPD’s RIP KIT.


IPD Stainless Steel Exhaust High Flow for 240 models $350.00 Value

Starting Bid $100.00

The factory exhaust on a Volvo 240 doesn’t have much chance to survive.  The muffler and system will rust prematurely.  IPD developed a full stainless steel high flow system for non turbo 240 Volvo cars.  This is a great opportunity to walk away with a fantastic system at a great price. 


IPD Lowering Springs  $289.00 Value

Starting Bid $100.00

IPD has included a lowering spring kit for the oral auction.  This certificate allows you to get any lowering kit still manufactured by IPD.  IPD has a full range of lowering kits for RWD and FWD applications. 


P3 Chassis Skid Plate S60/V60/XC60  $180.00 Value

Starting Bid $60.00

IPD has developed an aluminum skid plate for the P3 chassis S60/V60/XC60/XC70/V70/S80 models.  This is far superior over the factory fabric protection plate.  


P2 Chassis Skid Plate S60/V70/XC70  $180.00 Value

Starting Bid $60.00

There are so many horror stories we’ve heard here at ipd.   Oil pans crashing into foreign objects on the highway and hitting curbs.   Protect your investment with ipd’s extremely overbuilt skid plate for P2 models.


Griots Car Wash Kit Complete  $150.00 Value

Starting Bid $75.00

Buying products to detail and maintain the glossy finish of your vehicle can be expensive.  Now’s the time to bid on these amazing car detailing products from Griots. 


Bosch Ignition Coil Pack Kits  $225.00 Value

Starting Bid $80.00

Bosch donated two full sets of coils (5) 96mm and 103mm.  The applications are different between the two.  IPD part #112470 and #112278.  If you need a set of Ignition Coils, Bosch hooked up the oral auction with complete sets for your Volvo. 


Bilstein Gift Certificate Set of 4 B6 performance shocks $600.00 Value

Starting Bid $200

Bilstein hooked up the IPD Garage Sale this year with a gift certificate for a full set of (4) B6 Performance Shocks from Bilstein.   This is for any vehicle they currently offer shocks for.  You can redeem direct with Bilstein or through IPD, especially if they’re Volvo struts/shocks. 


Thule Hiking Backpack $100.00 Value

Starting Bid $40.00

That’s right, Thule Sweden hooked us up with a very cool hiking backpack.  The Thule Stir 20L backpack is great for day hikes or camping. 


Ride EXO EXOBUS 2 person trip tour  $140.00 Value

Starting bid $60.00

This certificate allows (2) people to jump on EXOBUS and take a tour of the northern side of the Columbia river downtown Vancouver.  EXOBUS offers Happy Hour bus tours and Sunday afternoon tours where you visit breweries and tour behind the scenes at some of the hot spots in downtown Vancouver.   Each tour is usually between 2.5-4 hours.  


We want to thank everyone who is participating and visiting this year's Garage Sale!

Thank you to our incredible sponsors, vendors, participants, charity and the employees who all make this possible every year!



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