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ipd 4T4 Volvo Performance Turbo

2015-03-10 - ipd staff

ipd’s 4T4 ball bearing turbocharger for Volvo’s B52X4T engines is the first completely custom manufactured bolt on turbo available. This is a serious turbo for the enthusiast that wants to extract the maximum performance from the factory supplied engine in their car or for the engine build producing up to 500 crank horsepower. Volvo uses a proprietary design for the manifold flange and outlet that made it necessary for us to manufacture a custom stainless steel exhaust housing from scratch rather than modifying a component from another car. Volvo also uses a low pressure TCV boost control system that will not work with most waste-gate actuators, requiring us to use our own specific billet actuator.

Our primary goal was to build the best possible solution for performance while allowing the use of intake and exhaust performance components that may have been previously installed by the tuner. Our larger more efficient ball bearing design allows far greater power output, at lower than stage 2 boost levels, without sacrificing mid-range boost delivery. This turbo represents the perfect synthesis of OE grade manufacturing processes and aftermarket performance improvement while maintaining factory fit. We feel this is the ultimate answer for the discerning performance enthusiast.

While this turbo is a bolt in component, it will require the addition of an external bypass valve (like the ipd Boost-Ability components) for more stable boost control. ipd strongly recommends our Bosch 650cc injectors (121145) and proper tuning (like our friends at MTE) to protect your investment. We have complete kits available for the 2004-07 R models and we can help with components for other 1994-2009 turbo models as well.

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4T4 turbo page

Base kit page

Base Plus with blue silicone

Base Plus with black silicone

In the video above Chris and Ken compare the ipd 4T4 turbo to the factory K24 turbocharger. ipd gives some specifics about their custom bolt on 4T4 turbo and highlights some of the pitfalls of the K24 when seeking more usable power in the upper RPM range. Why is the ipd 4T4 turbo superior to any other turbo offered in the aftermarket? Watch this video and find out!

In the video above Chris and Ken provide a quick overview of what to expect when installing the ipd 4T4 turbocharger. Even though this is a bolt on turbo that installs in the factory position, there are a few small differences in the connections. Watch this video to see the differences and how easy it will be to add this turbo to existing components on your S60R/V70R model.

In the video above we cover the installation and an in-depth look at ipd’s 650cc performance injectors. There are quite a few options in the aftermarket when it comes to sourcing larger injectors. ipd tested many different types of injectors when creating a tune file for the 4T4 turbocharger. We feel the Bosch EV14 style injector with custom mounting groove and Volvo wiring harness adapter is the perfect fit and finish that will provide you with the best performance possible. We’ve worked with MTE Tuning in Sweden to develop maps specifically catering to these high quality injectors to go hand-in-hand with our ipd 4t4 custom turbo kit.

In the video above, Chris and Ken take a few minutes to discuss the differences between a stock map, stage 2 map, and stage 3 4T4 Turbo map by comparing different dyno graphs. It can be quite confusing when looking at off the shelf turbochargers and their performance output. There are quite a few dyno graphs being posted in the aftermarket putting down large horsepower and torque figures. ipd wants to educate our customers by knowing how to read a dyno graph properly to understand what type of performance they’ll expect when bolting on performance items. Sometimes having the largest number isn’t always going to provide the best all-around-driving performance. See what Chris and Ken have to say about the ipd 4T4 turbo and the performance gains they’ve achieved with the proper tuning and supporting products.

While Chris and Ken were installing the first production ipd 4T4 turbocharger on Andrew’s car (friend of ipd) they used a small handy cam to document a few “behind the scenes” moments. You’ll see these two comment on installing the turbo, testing, tuning, data-logging, and a quick trip to the dyno to document the results. The fun part of this video is to see Andrew’s reaction when he travels from Seattle to Portland by train to pick his car up from ipd. ipd captures the true emotion when Andrew drives his car for the first time. If you want to experience the same raw emotion, check out the rest of this blog for all the products available to make your car perform at this level.

For more information about these dyno graphs, check out the video posted at the top of this blog. ipd was able to achieve a more broad torque curve giving you more usable power all the way to redline. In the video Chris and Ken discuss what kind of boost levels were used to achieve these results, you’ll be surprised to hear that number! This particular graph shows a stock tune file, a stage 2 tune file, and a stage 3 ipd 4T4 turbo tune file. It’s amazing at the power we achieved with lower boost numbers getting you more power above 6500RPM. Watch the video for an in-depth look at these numbers!

ipd’s 4T4 Turbocharger is completely custom and was built using the highest quality components offered in the turbocharger manufacturing world.   Check out this diagram that highlights some of those key features.

Journal Bearings vs. Ball Bearing

For a long time journal bearings have been the standard technology used within a turbocharger, dating from when turbochargers were manly used in diesel trucks. In the last few decades, turbochargers are being used with increasing frequency within passenger cars, which operate over a longer rpm range and use smaller gas motors. To address the needs of modern cars, ball bearing cartridges were designed to improve turbocharger response and longevity. This style of cartridge was very expensive at first, but has become an affordable technology used to upgrade the performance of your turbo.

The ball bearing cartridge design is a single sleeve system that contains a set of angular contact ball bearings on either end, whereas the traditional bearing system contains a set of journal bearings and a thrust bearing.

Ball Bearing

Journal Bearing

Turbo Response

When driving a vehicle with the cartridge ball bearing turbocharger, you will find exceptionally crisp and strong throttle response. Ball bearing turbochargers spool up 15% faster than traditional journal bearings. When upgrading to a larger turbocharger it’s common to give up low end performance with a traditional journal bearing turbocharger. Now you can take advantage of having a larger turbo capable of producing more torque and horsepower without sacrificing usable power delivery.


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Community Comments

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 2:19 PM - "RM"
I can't wait to get one!! Rogelio Martinez, TN, 2007 S60R bone stock
Thursday, March 12, 2015 4:31 AM - "JD"
Woo Hoo !!! Excellent job IPD !!! My 2006 Volvo V70R is already on Stage 2, however in a little over a year I plan on purchasing this setup from you.
Friday, March 27, 2015 11:59 AM - "TG"
Will this system have the ability to bolt onto nonturbo models for those of us who want to turbo their car but don't want to buy another car? of course it wont be bolt on and ready to go but does it have most of what you need?
Friday, March 27, 2015 12:15 PM - "BW"
@Thomas Gresham: Simply put, no. It's not economically feasible to turbo a P80 or P2 chassis Volvo that was not originally turbocharged from the factory (these are the two chassis types that our 4T4 turbo was intended to be used on). If you're getting the "bug" for performance enhancements for your Volvo you'd be miles ahead to sell your non-turbo Volvo and find a good R or T5 model. If you have more questions, please email me at work at: Thank you for your interest in our products! -Brandon Weaver IPD Volvo Customer Service Manager
Sunday, April 5, 2015 3:46 PM - "CD"
How about one for 240s?
Monday, April 6, 2015 7:38 AM - "BW"
@ Christopher Driver: Thank you for your feedback, and we think it's wonderful that there remains such a loyal and passionate enthusiast base around the Volvo 240 series cars- even 40 years after their original release! The performance market for these vehicles is a difficult one to cater to, as there are far fewer enthusiasts than there used to be. It's such a narrow, niche market that developing kits like this would unfortunately not be cost effective, and it's likely that the cost of a similar kit would prohibit all but a few 240 enthusiasts from making that purchase. Keep up your enthusiasm for your old brick, and we'll continue to do what we can to support that model. Thanks again for your feedback! - Brandon Weaver IPD Volvo Customer Service Manager
Monday, April 6, 2015 8:04 PM - "VU"
Looking at the dyno curves if I keep my revs below 4500 both cars are producing the same power. With the faster spooling 4T4 we are looking at about 0.5s quicker spool. So car will actually only be a hiccup faster below 4500 rpm. After that is where the party begins. Being a stage 2 would I feel the difference? Yes. Everyday? Maybe not I don't get into the throttle that much. I think that the tune is being dialed back to save parts in the short term and for longevity of the motor overall. I watched the vids and tried to read everything about the 4T4 - Question 1): Is there an unleashed tune for those with a built motor? Question 2) If there is what type of power are we talking? and Question 3) Are there any upgrades to strengthen our angle gear?
Tuesday, April 7, 2015 10:09 AM - "BW"
@VOKE UWEDJOJEVWE, Thank you for your comments, and it's great to see your enthusiasm about our new 4T4 turbo. You are correct, the 4T4 turbo spools nearly just as quickly as the factory K24 but is also much more efficient higher in the RPM range. This allows the turbo to keep pulling through the range. The result is a long, sustained torque curve which allows a usable power band in almost any gear. The tune we are offering for stock motors is a bit on the conservative side in terms of the capability of the turbocharger, but even at 17 psi the 4T4 puts out substantially higher HP than the K24 along with a more sustained torque curve. If someone were to build the bottom end of their motor (sleeves on the 2.5L motor would be advisable) this turbo is capable of producing nearly 500 crank horsepower, however at this point we do not have a tune developed for such a package. Our turbo kit is intended for the masses with stock bottom ends on their motors, however if there is enough interest from those who have built their motors we may pursue a supporting ECU tune. Time will tell. Thanks again for your feedback! Brandon Weaver, ipd Customer Service Manager
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 5:55 PM - "AL"
Are their plans to develop a bolt on model for a P2 V70 2.5T? Not all of us have R's
Thursday, April 30, 2015 10:19 AM - "KR"
All I have done is the ecu (IPD Chip/ Flash). What is the laundry list for parts to go to stage 3
Thursday, April 30, 2015 12:09 PM - "BW"
@Andrew Lee, Thank you for your interest in the 4T4 kit. Unfortunately we have no plans to offer an upgraded turbo kit for the LPT (low pressure turbo) models such as your 2.5T. The stock motors on these cars are not as robust as the R and T5 variants and do not have the tuning potential. A software reflash and basic bolt-on modifications reach the ceiling of these motors, and exceeding that would jeopardize the long-term durability of the vehicle. Please feel free to contact a member of our customer service staff for more information about upgrades available for your Volvo. Thank you! -Brandon Weaver, ipd Customer Service and Sales Manager
Thursday, April 30, 2015 12:12 PM - "BW"
@Kirk Reber, Our 4T4 turbo kit requires downpipe, upgraded charge air pipes to allow for the installation of the diverter valve, the turbo itself, 650cc injectors and associated software reflash. Please contact our Customer Service staff for more details. Thank you! -Brandon Weaver, ipd Customer Service Manager
Monday, May 25, 2015 9:03 AM - "MW"
I have a C 30 that is badged as a T5. It has the Polestar tune but other wise is stock. Is this compatible or am I sporting a low pressure variety?
Tuesday, May 26, 2015 7:21 AM - "BW"
@Mark Warren, Thank you for your interest in the 4T4 kit. Unfortunately your C30 is an LPT variant, and it also has an incompatible exhaust flange/header pipe configuration. Thank you for your interest!- Brandon Weaver, ipd Customer Service Manager
Friday, June 26, 2015 11:22 AM - "LP"
Wow! Just went from a stage 2 to a stage 3 in my '04 R with 59K miles. The IPD intercooler was installed at the same time as were IPD track sway bars and end links. I have put 3500 miles on the 4T4 since it was installed 3 weeks ago. What I have enjoyed is seemless power into the upper RPMS. Speed builds so quickly and smoothly that the car is deceptively fast. Also if anything my gas mileage when I am cruising has improved. The handling with the track sway bars and end links also tighten up and created a neutral handling with no decrease in ride quality. Wow! What a terrific investment that keeps this car current with today's performance vehicles. Wow again!

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