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Wanted: Your Volvo Story

2012-05-07 - ipd staff

We began featuring customers and their cars many years ago here at ipd through our newsletters and catalogs etc and the response has been very positive ever since. We’d like to continue to provide the Volvo community with interesting reader content to help people see the great potential and joy that can come from customizing, tuning or even restoring their Volvo.

If you have a tricked out 122 wagon that you want the world to know about or even if you’re in the middle of your 240 series project and want to show off your progress, let us know. We’d love to feature you and your ride. If you own an 850 and have a slick how-to or tech tip you’ve discovered and want to share, send it on over and we’ll pass it on to our readers.

We're looking for full articles that tell your story. Some ideas for content would be to include a short history of how you got the car. Include in your article how you discovered Volvo and why you've stuck with it or if you're new to Volvo, what drew you to them. If you have a crazy story on how your Volvo saved your life, include that. It would also be neat to hear if you have any ipd products on your Volvo and how you've noticed the better handling from our sway bars for instance. Even if you think your article isn't print worthy, send it in and let us be the judge. We're happy to help edit the article for readability as well.

Tell us about how you caught the Volvo bug, the remedies you’ve tried to get rid of it and what put you over the edge to finally just give up and let the bug take hold.

Along with your article, please include pictures. The more the better.

We look forward to hearing your story and the opportunity to share it with other sick Volvo lovers who have caught the same bug.

Send submissions to Bryan at

Community Comments

Thursday, October 24, 2013 7:33 PM - "BK"
Hello volvo community, My name is Bryce.I just recently purchased my first volvo 91 240 sedan heated seats, power locks & windows sunroof. I drive 15 hours a week to and from work originally in a lifted Chevy Avalanche. The neighbor lady down the street had her volvo for I bought it as a daily driver and fell in love with this little car. As of right now I have replaced the after market radio with a kenwood head unit, speaker and a sub. plan on replacing the exhaust suspension, and have a few custom touches in the works. I look forward to driving this as a DD and making it out handle any bmw e30 on the street. I will be sure to keep the volvo community up to speed with the build Possibly graffity art to come.
Sunday, September 28, 2014 8:22 PM - "TS"
I bought a2001 v70 2.4t 2wd of the most comfortable cars to drive. That was before replacing control arms, upper and lower trans mounts,rotors,calipers,struts,shocks,brake lines,flushing brake system, 15 qt drain and fill, tires,pcv system, plugs , all vaccum lines...drives like new...great xcar!
Monday, December 29, 2014 5:15 PM - "RB"
Hi, a few years ago I was looking on Craigslist for my all time favorite car, a Volvo 1800 ES. I FOUND IT.. And just 10 miles away. OMG. I went to see it and talk to the lady, she said her husband died and it was his car, he was in the restoration of it but didn't get very far.. The paint was bad, rust, didn't really run too great. But I bought it. I had body work done and painted original gold color. I didn't have a lot of money but I have a catering truck business. I traded a lot of food and some money for the body work and paint. He did a great job. After some mechanical work, brakes electronic ignition I put in, I drove it from Spokane WA area to Pensacola, FL. Then to Dallas and then to Los Angeles and then back home to . Idaho. I got so many looks with that car including from Arabs in a brand new Bentley on the freeway in Palm Springs. After everything I've done to it and had done, I'm selling it so I can buy a sailboat to live on. I want to retire on the west coast and do charter trips. I really love the Volvo but it won't fit on the sailboat.
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 2:06 PM - "JS"
Hi my name is Justin Schofield, i am from Perkasie, PA. In Nov of 2012 I got my parents to puchase an 02 Volvo S60 AWD, figured they could use something safe and reliable, awd a plus, immediately i loved the car, in april of 2013 i started working at a local indy shop that specialized in saabs and volvos, from there on my passion grew, always working on volvo from 142, p1800s, to newer models alike, about august of 2014 i purchased a run-down 1987 volvo 244, lots of rot and needed some TLC, 450 bucks! drove it home and immediately fixed it up, did 4 corner brakes, fixed a bunch of vacuum leaks and tackled some of the rot, drove it for a bit then aold that to my brother, after that i bought my current 1989 volvo 244dl 5 speed, for 900 bucks, did a couple things here and there as maintenance, lack of money keeps me from really opening the potential, the only "customization" i have been able to do was get a set of 25mm spacer/adapters, put on 16" volvo steelies, and a junk set of tires, i like where it's going just has a laundry list of things i wanna do, i would like to get a set of the ipd lowering springs and do some bishings, ipd front sway bar, tackling the lack of great handling, lucky for me i've been working on toyota supras for almost 3 yrs now, a couple customers have offered me free parts for the N/A 2jz engine, i habe an engine lined up, harness, computers, working on getting a 5 speed trans, i would like to have all that into the car by 2016 or 2017, but we'll see, it's nothing spectacular but it's a good start if i wanna throw the 2jz-gte engine in there if i can ever afford one, but for now i'll take my slow-rolling 244 over anything
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 7:32 PM - "ED"
My 96' Volvo 850 GLT/NA saved my life during the Ice Storm of January, 2014, here in Atlanta, GA. Our Ice Storm made the national news due to the incredible traffic jam and thousands of abandoned vehicles left on highways, roads, and side streets. My 850 had 274,000 miles on the odometer when I got it used from my Mom, back then. Right now, I'm at 306,690 miles on the odometer and counting. I've gotten numerous little things from IPD to help with my Zero Stage Tune up , such as the HD Oil cap, HP Plug wire set, Air tube for the ECU, and a right side plastic lens cover. The price and selection as well as customer service at IPD are outstanding. Make some window stickers so I can represent you guys on the streets.
Monday, August 31, 2015 1:24 PM - "VW"
I was gifted my Volvo 940 wagon (94), at a small transferring cost, by my friend, Barbara, nicknamed Snow Leopard Barbara in a group with an abundance of women named Barbara. I assumed Barbara would be by my side all of life. She passed away in 2011 or 12, but the Volvo kept on supporting my life and safety for many more years. It has 350, 000 miles on it at this time and has never required more than a normal amount of maintenance over the years, much of which I neglected until it had to be done. I learned the hard way to rely on IPD for my volvo parts. Local chains often have let me down with parts that were shoddy. IPD keeps me informed and connected to the best source for everything I need! I get my parts from online and get them put on the car by a shop. It's hard to put the car in the shop when you drive everyday. I finally searched out the perfect solution for me, and found a low mileage 97 850 glt sedan that I can zip around in while I get my Snow Leopard repaired. It was tough for my family that I couldnt part with the Snow Leopard, but I finally convinced them that in a family with all sedans, we needed the Snow Leopard as a "truck". Thanks to IPD I can find the best of parts needed to keep the 850 at top notch and see if the Snow Leopard can make a half million miles..... or beyond! IPD...You have turned me from a volvo owner by chance to a true volvo fan! (Swedish Volvo fan, that is)
Saturday, September 26, 2015 5:29 AM - "RT"
Hello Volvo people ! I recently purchased a 90 Volvo 250 DL 4 dr . first time Volvo owner. I'm truly impressed with this car it'll just zip down the road with no effort. I plan on doing some upgrades. This is a cool little car.
Saturday, December 12, 2015 6:18 AM - "JK"
How I fell in love with the Volvo 245 DL: There used to be a mechanic next door to where I work, I would often go hang out with. He had a 1988 Volvo 245 sitting in his parking lot. He told me the lady came to his shop a few days before wanting to get rid of the car. She took it to multiple mechanics in the area and no one could figure out why it was shooting oil out of the cap (stupid, I know). She was told it needed a new engine. With the transmission, not slipping, but shifting hard in between 1st and 2nd gear she was just done with it. He told her he'd give her $50 for it and she took it. He offered to sell it to me for $150 clean title in hand. I walked back to the shop to get the money, and a co worker said he wanted it. I let him buy it since I already had a car and he was sharing his with his girlfriend. He bought it for $150 to give to his girlfriend. He parked it behind the shop for a few months not touching it. The more I looked at it the more I wanted it. The body was in excellent condition with no rust, just faded paint. The interior had one small tear on the driver seat and that was it. He offered to sell it to a customer of ours for $400. I said, "heck, i'll give you $400 for it right now!". He said, "no, but I'd do it for $300." I pulled $300 out right there and took the title. The car was an absolute work horse! I drove that car for years! I let my roommate borrow it for a year when he totaled his car and couldn't afford a new one. I, reluctantly, sold it back to my co worker when the transmission went out on him and his wife's van when they couldn't afford a new one. After a long time driving it about 100 miles a day, it eventually shut off and wouldn't turn on. He scrapped the car before offering to sell it back to me. Still today I miss that car! after two 940 turbo wagons I recently purchased another 245. This one I am keeping for a very, very long time!
Monday, February 1, 2016 2:31 PM - "EM"
Before buying my 2004 S60R I had only owned Subarus and came across a lot of reliability issues. I figured a Volvo would be the way to go as they're known for reliability and being workhorses and so far it's proven right. Even being the highest model of that year my car hasn't had any major issues that aren't expected of a 12 year old car. I love the uniqueness that comes with owning a fast Volvo in the states because not many people truly recognize the car for what it is. But those that do recognize it appreciate the Swedish turbo brick. I've put on the iPD sway bar kit and endlinks as well as the rear chassis brace and plan on continually adding more performance parts from iPD when I can financially. Next on the list is either the turboback exhaust or the boostability kit so I can start improving the power.
Sunday, April 24, 2016 8:20 AM - "FK"
We bought our 240GL new from the Volvo Store in Orlando and still have it. In 2005, after 220,000 miles, I had a 5 liter Ford V8 (a "5.0 HO") and accompanying transmission from a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII installed by Rick Sevcech of Daytona Beach, FL. At the same time, we added IPD sway bars front and rear, new suspension bushings and shocks, front springs from a 240 diesel, radiator from a 960, etc. I had Voxx 16" wheels installed and the car repainted from the waist up, minor rust repaired and a new windshield and sunroof seal done in 2011. I recently had the seats recovered and installed a dash cap. The car now has 240,000 miles on it an looks and runs almost like new. We have two 2001 XC70s, Silver and "Blondie", each with about 100,000 miles. Blondie got a new transmission (factory rebuilt), cam seals, suspension bushings, brakes, timing belt, etc. in 2014. Both have IPD upper spring seats and motor mounts.
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 4:58 AM - "KF"
Hi, I have a 240 wagon thx.
Sunday, January 1, 2017 6:58 PM - "MM"
I bought my first 850 wagon out of laziness -- I needed a car for my daughter to drive to and from high school, and a neighbor put theirs up for sale, and I bought it without considering anything. The price was right, it ran fine to go up and down the road, and I hardly thought about it again. I did explain the oil and water to my daughter, but it had some leaks we didn't pay attention to, and about a year later my daughter asked me to look at it because it was 'making a weird noise'. Long story short, she had run it completely out of oil, and after I added a gallon, when I pulled the dipstick it looked like I had dipped it in a milkshake, and the car was smoking. I told her it looked like the head gasket was blown and the rings were worn out among other problems, and that we might get a few weeks or months out of it, but it would need a new engine shortly. Well, probably to prove dad wrong as much as anything, she drove that beast as a daily driver for another five years without fixing a thing. When the overflow tank was empty, she would top up the water. When the engine started ticking or the oil light came on, she added oil. She was topping up one or the other every few days. The smoking somehow almost disappeared, but every time I checked the oil the dipstick was covered with a sloppy, sludgy mixture of oil, water, and ultimately a little rust. After five years, when she finally decided it was time for a change, I claimed it back, parked it in the garage, and am waiting for the time to give it the attention it deserves. In the meantime, I have bought, worked on, and enjoyed several other 850, 850 turbo and 850R wagons. They always treat me better than I treat them.

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