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850/70 series Sway Bar Kits Now Offer More Options

2010-11-19 - Rob Arnold


ipd's front sway bar for 850 & 70 series models from 1993-2000 feature a dual hole moment arm design. This allows you to adjust the stiffness of the front bar to suite your driving style. Installing the endlink into the rear hole increase sway bar stiffness by approx. 15% more than our standard single hole front bar which balances oversteer and promotes flatter cornering. This is commonly referred to as a 'tighter' setting. Installing the endlink into the forward hole will provide a 'looser' setting and allows a bit more roll and oversteer. Either setting will provide a far more neutral handling suspension than the stock bars offered. For those who are more spirited in their driving or perhaps compete in autocross or similar events the tighter setting is likely the more desirable. For those who are more daily driver oriented and still want improved handling but not to the point of competitive driving, the looser setting is likely more desirable.

Community Comments

Friday, December 3, 2010 1:04 PM - "T"
Unfortumnately the info is a complete misnomer, increasing the 'tightness' of the front anti-roll bat will NOT reduce understeer, but will actually increase it! if you want to reduce understeer that is achieved prncipally by tightening up the rear roll stiffness relative to the front.
Tuesday, December 7, 2010 10:46 AM - "R"
Why wouldn't everyone want a flatter ride? Does it affect ride quality/comfort? I want to put this on my 850 turbo wagon but I have a hard time believing it will be worth the money. This is still tiny in diameter compared to a lot of the stuff you can get for ... GM aplications just as an example. My poor car is thrashed daily and I mean thrashed and the understeer is terrible. It responds with such great delay that it seems to dump all the weight on the outside tires all at once. I have Kuhmo Ecstas 205/50/16's (I know; Not the best but it is what I can afford) and with 50 psi in them I managed to roll them to the rim on a ramp in Schenectady NY that has been affectionately dubbed "the circle of death." They didn't break the bead which is amazing but what a lame display it is when I wallow through the corners. I don't want a marked improvement I want it to handle stunningly and I don't want to do this, the strut brace, HD end links, coils etc to find out I could have bought a respectable Porsche 944 that would perform as well and get better fuel economy for what I spent on parts. Besides, getting it done in a wagon is infinitely cooler. Thoughts?
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 1:37 PM - "J"
Hei, I am positive the upgraded sway-bars will make a pretty big difference, however you have to make sure the rest of the suspension is in very good order! The car is only as good as the sum of its parts! I have heard nothing other than very positive response from the dutch Volvo 850 forum about the older upgraded sway-bars without adjustment! If you want it to corner stunningly, a KW-coil-over is brilliant (I have it on one of my 850's), but you do notice that it needs a stiffer sway bar because you can still notice body-roll. But under-steer? In my opinion an 850 hasn't got that much under-steer, tires and suspension make a huge difference! Not a trace! When I push it full throttle trough long corners you can feel the back stepping out a little even without upgraded sway-bars. I do have 18" 225/35 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires :) So I would defiantly suggest to try this upgrade, I will buy it myself someday soon!
Monday, January 3, 2011 5:19 AM - "M"
I have installed the sway bars in my volvo 850glt N/A wagon along with IPD springs, links, poly bushings, 15mm spacers and front/rear strut bars and the results have really impressed me. I still have stock wheels and all season tires but this upgrade is really worth the money. I have cornered with the M3's and have been given looks of shock. A bit of negative camber has also helped me with the understeer. Now, I do feel the rear of the car wanting to step out on hard corners. Back to the IPD sway bars, I have driven them with both settings and am pleased. I am a spirited driver who uses the car daily for commutes to the Bronx,NY. Talk about bad roads!! I like the stiffer setting due to my driving style, but one must remember what you use the car for and various driving conditions. Some would say and have said that my car is too stiff for NYC roads but it is what I like. I drive the car everyday and they don't. Just keep your eyes on the road and you should be fine. IPD makes a great product which makes the handling of the car way better than stock but keep in mind that this is no substitute for driver skill level. Increasing your skill level is the single greatest upgrade you can do. Properly handling the car in corner entry/exit and trail braking depending on the situation. The bars and various other upgrades offered by IPD are great products and will be better appreciated once we learn how to handle our cars. Those bars are well worth the money!!!
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 1:10 AM - "RB"
1995 T5R with 85K KM (53K miles) on the clock, I have had Bilsteins, the large bars, and IPD coils (1 inch front drop, 3/4 inch rear drop) since 20K KM and the car is extremely predictable, very easy to push to the limit (the limit is very high) and have the 225/40 WR17 Yokohama's hissing but still very tight and power controlled drift. Top speed is 168 mph (Timed)and 1/4 mile comes up in 14.0 sec. @105 mph. The car will still squirm and spin the tires when hammered at 60 mph. This car was featured in the October 1996 European car magazine along with a green IPD wagon project car. Love my ride!

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