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2010-07-12 - Orville Hrabe - ipd customer

 After a quick inventory of my wife’s 1999 S-80 T6 front suspension and brakes, I placed an order with the folks at ipd for rotors, pads, outer tie rod ends, lower control arms, ball joints, brake fluid and Motive Brake Power Bleeder. I was going to be busy next weekend rebuilding the front end of her car. UPS dropped off the package, I checked the packing slip versus the contents, pulled my new Motive Brake Power Bleeder out of its box, thumped it and nodded my approval. Things were Going to be okay.

I removed the wheels, calipers, rotors, spindle, lower control arm and knocked the old ball joint out of the spindle. No matter what I tried in my shade tree shop, I couldn’t get the new ball joints to press home straight so I dropped them off at a local Volvo shop so they could use the appropriate press dies. Got those back an hour later and put everything back together, cleaning and applying loctite as I worked my way back out. Dropped the car back down on the tires and something wasn’t right. I tried adjusting the tierods to get it close for a tow to Turner Volvo in Sacramento for an alignment but ran out of time when the tow truck showed up.

A couple hours later, the dealership calls and says, “You’ve got the wrong lower control arms on the car. We can fix it but it will be ‘insert large dollar amount here'". I look over at my wife and say a couple choice shade tree mechanic words. Things are not okay. All the hard work and dirty hands just went down the drain. When I told the dealership where the parts came from, I heard from a couple of the employees that ipd is a great company and they’ll take care of you.

I called ipd first thing the next morning, got patched over to Robert “Lucky” Arnold, who confirmed that I had placed an order for S80 control arms, that was what they shipped and if there was a mistake on ipd’s part, don’t worry about it, you’re covered. I sent him a couple of pictures of the old/new control arms and the VIN via email. Things were going to be okay.

Turns out another similar but not same Volvo model control arms were bagged and mislabeled by the manufacturer. ipd tracked down the correct set of control arms and had them sitting at the dealership the next day for installation at the dealership, for which they covered labor costs completely.

The moral of the story: Give the folks at ipd a call and order some new suspension parts because your Volvo never feels so good to drive as when you’ve got new rubber between you and the road. And, if by pure dumb luck, you get the wrong part that still bolts in your car, ipd will take care of you. You can’t beat that level of customer service.

Community Comments

Saturday, July 24, 2010 9:05 PM - "NP"
I am a loyal IPD customer and former employee. I personally took care of customers that had problems with parts that were shipped and they did not fit or work for their Volvo. In IPD tradition I took care of the matter and made another satisfied customer out of him. I have been shopping and maintaining my Volvos with IPD parts since 1985. They are a rock solid company.
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 5:23 PM - "ES"
My experience with IPD in Portland Oregon was great! I have a 2005 Volvo S60R and have had service and performance parts installed at IPD. The customer service I received was truly exceptional. Every time I came in I worked with Jeremy Sells. My car started having some electrical issues and I took it to the volvo dealer they immediately started having me order part after part guessing on what the problem was. After it got no ware I took it into IPD and Jeremy spent hours in the shop and on the road to diagnose the issue. They resolved my issue and saved me a lot of money. I would recommend to anyone that has a Volvo to bring it in to IPD for all your service and performance needs. IPD has great service, awesome staff, and the best parts. When you have knowledgeable mechanics and people like Jeremy your bound to have satisfied customers. - Eddy Singeorzan
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 12:08 PM - "LD"
Several months ago our '01 S80, T6 exhibited severe transmission symptoms, including slippage, poor shifting and a dashboard message reading "Transmission Service Urgent", along with the requisite "Engine Service" message. Of course, my wife was driving and called me all excited (not in a positive way), 300 miles away, in the hottest kind of weather (Bullhead City, AZ, 127 degrees F)imaginable, to boot! Of course the nearest dealer was 100 miles away in Las Vegas, so a local mechanic of long-standing experience reputation whom I called expressed his experience that those Swedes (and Germans) don't have a very good understanding of temperatures above 100 degrees, and that the on-board computers have a tendency to "wig out" when temperatures get above 110 (His grandaughter has an S60 and he advises her to "just park it in the shade until the temp drops"). Our local (Ventura CA) experienced Volvo mechanics revealed that during the Ford tenure of the Volvo line, they made a (I'm sure a highly educated and experienced) decision to install a GM transmission in the S80 for a few of those years! It seems that the shifting solenoids have a tendency to become gummed up, or at least compromised somehow and just fixing them is not very effective. They suggested the best way to fix it is installation of a rebuilt tranny with all the upgrades that avoid these problems, at a cost of around $4 big bills or more! Well if that don't just chap your shorts! Now, we all know second opinions are generally looked upon as the best line of defense against knee-jerk decisions in any therapy, so a quick call to IPD and discussion with Scott Hart revealed this was indeed a challenge. Scott offered a very cost-effective alternative, at least till those big-bill resources could be rallied. He suggested a Sea Foam transmission additive product that he has used in his own Volvo with good effect. I added it to the tranny and within a few days, the "Transmission Service Urgent" message went away and
Saturday, November 13, 2010 5:08 PM - "MW"
Regarding the above from Lee Danforth concerning the T6 transmission problem. The same thing happened to my daughter's 05 XC90. It had about 60,000 mi at the time. She took it to our local dealer and they said that so far they had replaced 6 or so of this transmission. Volvo footed the whole bill for the new transmission. The service mgr told her that Volvo even replaced one on a vehicle with 135,000 mi. On that one the owner had to pay the labor. Sounds as if Volvo will replace it if asked, but won't volunteer vial a recall.

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