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A taste of the spectacular all-new Volvo S60

2009-12-02 - Volvo Cars of North America

Los Angeles, CA (December 2, 2009) - Just a few weeks before Christmas, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA) treats Los Angeles to an early peek of a car that will shine bright in the streets for years to come. The Volvo S60 Concept displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show gives a strong indication of what the all-new Volvo S60 is going to look like when it arrives in the U.S. in late 2010.

"The all-new S60 will be one of the strongest players in a segment where the competition is razor-sharp," says Volvo Cars President and CEO Stephen Odell. The coupe-inspired lines that gave the original S60 its characteristic stance are even more pronounced in the next generation.

"The sporty design gives visual promise of an enthusiastic drive and I can assure you here and now that the all-new S60 will live up to that promise. The driving properties are better than in any previous Volvo. The car's technology will help you to be a better and safer driver," says Stephen Odell.  

DNA at a new level
The concept car gives a clear indication that the Volvo Cars design team is stepping up to the next level in the development of the products' DNA.

The concept car's exterior gives a clear indication of what customers can expect of the all-new S60. On the inside, the focus has been on creating a vision of the future while still incorporating the strong design elements of the current Volvo lineup.

Scandinavian inspiration and drama
The front of the S60 Concept naturally sports the enlarged iron mark in the trapezoidal grille. The 3D Volvo letters in the iron mark are embedded in an illuminated panel. The grille itself has a somewhat new appearance with structured horizontal vanes adding refinement to its form.

Two DNA lamps flank the grill. They emphasize the vertical stance of the front and promote the hood's V-shape. The DNA lamps also become the starting points of the fresh sculptural design language of the bumpers.

The angled headlamps flow up into the strongly sculptured hood. Combined with the lower air intake's reverse trapezoidal shape, this gives the concept car a very expressive "face".

Dynamic and with considerable character, the S60 Concept is bold without appearing aggressive. This car is packed with inspiration from Scandinavian design and from the Swedish coastline's cliffs and seas. It's a thrilling blend of drama and sensuality.

Viking longboats in the headlamps
The concept car's headlamps unite classic Scandinavian influences with modern high-tech details.  In each of the headlamps, the lights form a sculpture creating the image of two miniature Viking longboats sailing side by side, one for main beam and one for dipped beam. When driving in the dark, the light is reflected from the concealed, upward-facing High Performance LED bulbs, projected ahead by the ships' filled sails.

A closer look reveals a number of specially designed details. The compact cooling system for the LED bulbs has protruding cooling blocks made out of aluminum, semi-visible under the ships' hulls. The design creates the illusion of shimmering glass panels that float above a dark and mysterious Scandinavian sea.

The semi-transparent housing incorporates a layered ring-like formation that is part of the position lights. You can see the confident face of the concept car illuminating in a ring-like formation.

Warm Copper paintwork
The transparent attachment of the door mirrors illuminates fully and becomes part of the indicator function. The panorama roof is another component that contributes to the concept car's airy Scandinavian aura.

The unique livery in "Warm Liquid Copper" enhances the richness of the S60 Concept's body surfacing, adding a feeling of depth and exclusivity. The color also links to Sweden's rich copper mining history."

Double wave and sensational doors
Viewed from the side, the concept car's slim coupe roofline and window graphics are accompanied by an entirely new lateral shoulder line, forming a gentle double wave. Stretching from the headlamps all the way to the tail, it adds emotional excitement and plays with the surface and its highlights.

The unique rear parallelogram doors offer a spectacular show whenever they are opened and shut. Door opening is initiated by pressing on a button and the movement starts off in the traditional way. In the next phase, the forward section swings out away from the car's body and the door glides parallel with the side of the car until it reaches its end position by the rear wheel.

Since the car does not have a B-pillar between the front and rear seats, this door configuration offers exceptionally generous entry and exit access.

Both the seven-spoke 20-inch wheels and the tread of the low-profile tires have been specially designed. The bronze-painted brake calipers match the car's paintwork and accentuate the concept car's muscular, sporty appearance.

Design inspiration from speed
The car's lines do not end abruptly but instead forge a continuous flowing pattern inspired by the fast sweeps of the racing track. The tail lamps, which follow the curve of the rear shoulders, are as advanced as the headlamps up front. When switched off, the lamp panels show no trace of the traditional red or yellow associated with rear lights. But when activated, the position marker lights, brake lights and turn indicators come on in their correct colors with the help of LED bulbs.

The lighting system's solid glass panel is sectioned into horizontal "slices" that create the visual impression of a three-dimensional architect drawing when the lights come on. At the rear there is also a retractable diffuser that adjusts with vehicle speed to give better aerodynamic properties.

New technology detects pedestrians in the danger zone
The Volvo S60 Concept presents a ground-breaking safety innovation that, among other things, can detect a pedestrian who steps out into the path of the car - and the car's full braking power is automatically activated if the driver does not respond to the danger.

This system will be introduced in the all-new production Volvo S60 in late 2010.

"We're going to be even more exciting and dynamic while retaining our lead in the field of safety. The all-new S60 will be packed to the brim with all our expertise and technology in the safety area, both as regards preventing accidents and when it comes to protecting all the occupants in the event of a collision," says Stephen Odell.

Elevates the brand's image
The Volvo S60 Concept was created to pave the way for Volvo Cars in one of the automotive world's most focused segments, characterized by razor-sharp competition.

"Customers in this segment know exactly what they want. The emphasis is on emotional appeal, sporty design and dynamic driving properties. Success in the segment will do a lot for the brand's image and we are convinced that the all-new Volvo S60 is going to be a particularly strong contender," says Stephen Odell.

The first-generation Volvo S60 was launched in 2000 and was profiled as a coupe with four doors. The car's sporty nature has made the S60 one of Volvo Cars' most global models.  "Irrespective of whether the customers are in the USA, Europe or Russia, they all prioritize the same things. Now we are giving them an entirely new S60 packed with both emotional and rational appeal. A car designed to make a unique impact even among the most discerning buyers," says Stephen Odell.


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Community Comments

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 9:06 AM - "AI"
This is an amazing piece of machinery
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 12:11 PM - "PZ"
I definitely won't be able to afford this beat until I'm done with Law School. But when that happens, you can bet your ass I'll be getting this beauty! I understand the history behind the copper color, but I'm also excited to see what colors they come out with in the future, as well as what options will be available for customization on the site! I'm looking forward to this car! I remember watching the video when the CEO announced this car at Detroit last year, and the #1 thing that stuck out in my head was the viking headlamps. Awesome. 10/10
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 5:01 PM - "G"
But will it look like in the flesh....
Thursday, December 3, 2009 6:02 AM - "DF"
I realy think the new S60 looks great. We have needed a new one for some time. However I do realize that as most auto show cars what we get is not what we are looking at. Cost,and safety issues give us less a substantial car. This is not just a Volvo problem. I love the interior and the fast back look. I only hope it drives as well as it looks. I for one am sick of the 3 and 5 BMW making the cover of Car and Driver! The new S80 is a great car that was not given the best press, we need a real hit! Volvo for life!
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 1:21 PM - "2C"
Bleh. As a new buyer of the first year S60 my skepticism of Volvo being able to "pull off" something like this is very low. My hope for buyers of this car is that Volvo engineering actually was able to mass produce parts/components that would last more than 40,000 miles, like my ETM, A-arm bushings, strut mounts, ABs module, etc. ad nauseum. Volvo no longer has a lock on safety, and "style" only sells a car for a few years into the production run before it becomes "old." So what then? It won't be "reliability" if parts have to be replaced as often as the P2 S60. Performance? Perhaps, if Volvo can get away from all the rubber-isolated suspension components that made the P2 S60 only a mid-pack performer. Green? Hardly, it doesn't seem like Volvo is leading anything in this field except lip service of how great their cars use recycled components--but the trouble is those same parts fail more often so they have to be replaced more often, hence their net impact on the enviroment is actually WORSE than if they had designed the part the right way to begin with. And by the time their hybrid or diesel comes out I predict they'll be stuck at mid-pack just like they've always been. Yeah, I ain't coming back to Volvo anytime soon. Odell was right, the customers in this segment know what they want, and it won't be Volvo for me.
Sunday, December 13, 2009 10:47 AM - "AW"
It's funny how many car companies take a gamble with changing the entire look, of what was already a successful design. I'm not saying to stop the innovation, but isn't said "why reinvent the wheel". That said, I would of like Volvo to capitalize on what was in my opinion and already good thing; That had the potential to be great. If it was up to me, I would of put more attention to the infrastructure of the vehicle. Focus on quality of parts, ride of the vehicle, offered more traditional manual transmissions,,, in a nut shell match what you have accomplished with the exterior and design..(GOOD QUALITY) with all the other components that needed improvement for years. It doesn't even look like the same car. Might as well consider some of these other imports that almost look identical.
Friday, December 18, 2009 11:36 AM - "JK"
Bring back the 240 series if you want a winner
Friday, December 25, 2009 7:35 AM - "TK"
Bring back a UPDATED 240 offer V8 from XC90 AWD as and option manual trans ETC. Volvo has really LOST their loyalty when they introduced some of the newer models IE S80 one of the biggest Volvo disasters. More problems than a Ford taurus. And know remind me AGAIN why I should consider purchasing a NEW Volvo when they SHARE platforms with such cars as the Ford Focus Mazda 3 Volvo S40 V50. Why by the Volvo in the FIRST place?? I agree with what Adam W stated they continue to change their vehicles instead of updating what they already have the Volvo 240 series is by far the only car that I can think of out of all US and Domestic car manufacturers that went virtually unchanged in the entire production of 18Yrs except MINOR sheet metal changes. I realize my opinion doesn't amount to anything in the grand scheme of things but they need to remember what got them where they are today . Volvo ARE YOU LISTENING !!! Now Volvo cars will be owned by a Chinese firm. I would not be suprised if Volvo cars goes UNDER..
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 2:28 PM - "IF"
Is this going to be an RWD car, or AWD, or FWD. I agree with a lot of posters here, that Volvo seems lost! They lack identity, what a shame. A shell of what it used to be. This new S60 looks nice though.
Saturday, February 13, 2010 11:41 AM - "DE"
I think that when a Chinese firm owning volvo they will go down under and then nobody will want to buy a car that more concerned about safety and more reliable than anybody else. I like volvo and think that when volvo owned them they was the best car and then ford bought them they just wanted their technology instead of looking into the car. When china will own them then they are going to be under the hole and cheap just like everything else that china makes.

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