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Volvo C70


The Volvo C70 2-door coupe and convertible was introduced in the US for the 1998 model year. It covers two different generations:

1998-2004 Volvo C70 (P80) Convertible & Coupe

  • First generation C70
  • 2-door convertible and (through 2002) coupe based on the Volvo P80 platform
  • Sold in the USA from 1998 through 2005 (a few leftover 2004s sold in 2005)
  • USA models were equipped with 5-cylinder engines
  • USA light-pressure turbo models had a 2.4L "2.4T" engine, FWD, and a manual or automatic transmission
  • USA high-pressure turbo models had a 2.3L "T5" engine, FWD, and a manual or automatic transmission

2006-2013 Volvo C70 (P1) Convertible

  • Second generation C70
  • 2-door folding hardtop convertible based on the Volvo P1 platform
  • Sold in the USA from 2006 through 2013
  • USA models primarily had turbo 5-cylinder "T5" engines, but naturally aspirated "2.4i" models could be special ordered through 2007.
  • USA models were FWD and had either an AW55 5-speed automatic or M66 6-speed manual

Model information is based on the USA vehicle market. Other model variations may exist outside the USA.