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Volvo S60


The S60 is a mid-size "executive" car made by Volvo across three generations:

2001-2009 Volvo S60 (P2)

  • First generation S60
  • Four door sedan based on the Volvo P2 platform
  • Sold in the USA from 2001 through 2009 model year
  • USA models were available with naturally aspirated, low-pressure turbo, and high-pressure turbo variants of Volvo's "white block" inline five gasoline engine
  • USA models were available in FWD or AWD and 5- and 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions
  • High performance S60R trim available with 300hp and AWD

2011-2018 Volvo S60 (P3)

  • Second generation S60
  • Four door sedan based on the Volvo P3 platform
  • Sold in the USA from 2010 (model year 2011) through 2018
  • USA models were available a variety of gasoline engines:
    • "White block" 2.5L inline five turbo
    • Ford SI6 "short six" 3.2 naturally aspirated or 3.0 "T6" turbo inline six
    • "Modular"/"VEA" 2L four cylinder direct injected turbo four cylinder
  • USA models were available only with TF-80 6-speed automatic or (for the turbo four) TG-81 8-speed automatic
  • FWD or Haldex AWD
  • Polestar performance trims with standard AWD and tuned T6 or twin-charged (turbocharged and supercharged) VEA engines
  • Cross Country trim with increased ground clearance, standard AWD, and rugged plastic fender flares and trim; Cross Country sedans are rare

2019-present Volvo S60 (P5)

  • Third generation S60
  • Four door sedan based on the Volvo P5 (SPA) platform
  • Sold in the USA from 2018 through current (as of 2022) model year
  • USA models all have forced induction "modular"/"VEA"/"DRIVe" 2L four cylinder direct injected gasoline engines
    • Turbocharged in T5 & B5 models
    • Twincharged (turbocharged and supercharged) in T6 models
    • Twincharged hybrid in T8 models, branded "T8 Recharge" from 2021
  • USA models all have 8-speed Aisin-Warner TG-81 automatic transmissions, with FWD & AWD variations
    • Non-plug-in hybrid models use a conventional Haldex-style AWD
    • T8 models are "through-the-road" hybrids, with the gasoline engine driving the front wheels and the electric motor driving the rear wheels
  • From 2021, 48-volt mild hybrid B5 models replace the T5 and T6
  • T8 models are gasoline/electric hybrids, charging a medium-capacity battery when decelerating/braking and using an electric motor to supplement the gas motor when accelerating
    • T8 Recharge models have an additional EV charging port and can be run about 20 miles in all-electric mode

Model information is based on the USA vehicle market. Other model variations may exist outside the USA.