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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shipping Information

    Free Shipping Option

    Our Free Shipping option include most urban destinations within the contiguous United States (Lower 48 states excluding Alaska & Hawaii.)  It excludes some rural destinations with extended area delivery charges.

    We will use an economical low priority shipping method. 

    We do not guarantee shipping date.  This method may ship up to a few days after order is ready for shipment.  If our warehouse is very busy, paid shipping orders take priority over free shipping orders.  They shouldn't be delayed more than a week.

    Some very large or heavy items are excluded from this option.

    Flat Rate Shipping Options

    We offer some flat rate shipping options for shipping destinations within the contiguous United States
    (Lower 48 states excluding Alaska & Hawaii.) 

    Flat rate options do not have a guaranteed delivery time.

    We have a rate shopping option in our shipping system that will choose the most economical method available to us for your particular shipment and destination.

    Some very large or heavy items are exluded from Flat Rate options.

    Flat Rate Small Parcel

    This is reserved for small shipments that weight under a pound and are small physical dimensions.

    These parcels are shipped USPS First Class Parcel and typically take 2-3 days to arrive after shipped.

    Flat Rate Ground Service

    Delivery time is dependent on distance from our warehouse.  Delivery time is typically 1-2 business days for west coast destinations and 6-8 business days for east coast destinations.  Usually ships via UPS Ground but depending on size and weight these parcels could alternatively be ship via USPS First Class parcel or USPS Priority Mail. 

    Flat Rate Express Service

    Delivery time is typically 2-3 days.  Will ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Three Day.

    We do not display the Flat Rate Express option for areas that are within 3 days of our warehouse via ground shipping.

    Shipping Quotes

    We get lots of emails asking us to quote freight.  It is much faster if you do it yourself by using the real-time freight calculator on our website.   We offer a shipping calculator on every product page, on the shopping cart summary page and during checkout. 

    How long does it take to get my parts?

    This really depends on whether the item is in stock and what shipping method you choose.  if your order is complete and ready to ship, we typically ship it by the next working day (although Free Shipping option has lower priority and may be delayed.)

    See the freight calculator on the website for transit times.

    When do you ship my parts?

    As above, this depends on whether the items are in stock. We ship orders Monday through Friday during our normal business hours. Normal same day shipping cut-off time is 1:30 PM Pacific time.

    Orders with air/priority shipping methods have higher priority than less urgent methods.

    If you order outside of our operating hours or after 1:30 PM then your order will most likely ship the next business day.

    Free Shipping option may delay shipping if our warehouse traffic is high.

    Why won't you ship my (large) item using a postal carrier?

    There are many countries with postal package weight and dimensional restrictions. Our website shipping calculator is aware of these restrictions and generally won't offer options not allowed by your country.  

    APO and FPO addresses do cause problems because we have no way of knowing what the final destination country is so we occasionally get these packages rejected by the post office.

    What shipping companies or couriers do you use?

    We primarily use UPS, FedEx & USPS.

    Can you ship my stuff cheaper?

    Maybe but it really depends on what we are shipping.  Small shipments (under 50 pounds) really aren't worth shopping around as the potential savings is very small.  Bigger shipments could potentially save some money using a LTL (pallet) carrier.  

    There are no "slow-boat" options available for small parcels.

    Are duties and taxes included in your shipping quotes and charges?

    Generally No.  Taxes and duties are NOT included in shipping charges and may be collected by the carrier upon delivery.

    This may change in the near future for some countries as places like the European Union are going to start requiring businesses like us to collect VAT.

    Can you mark the items at a lesser declared value for customs so I can avoid paying taxes and duties?

    In order to continue exporting products and avoid fines and other complications, we must comply with the law. You don't stay in business for 50 years by disregarding the law. 

    Do you ship Internationally?

    Yes, we ship worldwide daily. See the shipping calculator for available destination countries and rates.

    I don't see my country listed as an option in the shipping calculator

    There are a few countries that we are restricted from shipping to but you'll need to contact Customer Service to check yours.

    During the COVID crisis we also turned off some destination countries that were having issues with shipping inside their borders or were not accepting international shipments.

  • Warranty Information

    How long is IPD's warranty and what does it cover?

    We warranty products to be free from manufacturing and material defects.  Warranty period varies by manufacturer but is typically one year from date of purchase.  Warranty period exceptions will be noted on each product page.

    • Warranty is non-transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser of the product.
    • Warranty does not cover any labor or other costs for removal, installation or disposal.
    • Warranty does not cover any expenses or damages resulting from loss of vehicle use.
    • Warranty does not cover parts that have been subjected to abuse, misuse, accidents, modification or disassembly.
    • Warranty does not cover any shipping charges.

    IPD branded products have a one year parts warranty.  IPD anti-sway bars have a limited life-time parts warranty to the original purchaser.

    How do I claim a warranty?

    The best way to start this process is to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

  • Returns Information

    What is IPD's return policy?

    We guarantee your complete satisfaction or you can return the product within 90 days.  No refunds on books, digital media (like DVDs) or installed electrical parts. All parts must also be returned with all of the original product packaging to receive a full refund of the original purchase price of the product.  Condition of the product packaging must also be in the same condition as which it was received.  If you have questions/ concerns about the condition in which you have received a product, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately.

    Can I return a product if I change my mind and it has been over 90 days?

    Yes, but depending on the condition of the product and the current market value, we may not refund you the full purchase price of the product.

    Is there a restocking fee?

    After 90 days we may charge a restocking percentage for products that are returned for non-warranty reasons.  Items that are not in resaleable condition will also incur a restocking fee.

    What is a core charge?

    Many rebuilt products have a refundable core charge associated with them.  This means that we may be able to credit you for the core if it's in rebuildable condition and you return the old used part in the box we sent you the new one in.

    How do I claim a warranty?

    The best way to start this process is to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

    Who pays for shipping on a return?

    This depends on the reason for the return.  If we made a mistake we will refund standard ground shipping cost to return the part for exchange or a refund. If you changed your mind or ended up not needing a part and would like to return it, you are responsible for the return shipping cost. To ensure the correct refund amount, please include a note and or receipt showing the return shipping cost

    What do I need to do to prepare my return and where do I send it?

    You will first need to contact our Customer Service Department and get a (RRN) Return Reference Number. They will instruct you on where and how to return product. You can call or email

    Do I really need a Return Reference Number?

    We not not require an RRN but it helps us track your return.  We use the RRN to help ensure that your return gets refunded to you.  It is amazing how many packages we get back with no documentation or information regarding who sent it to us.  

    You can simply write the RRN on the outside of the box and we will know who it came from and why it was returned.

    If you return something without an RRN, please be sure to include a copy of the original invoice or some contact information so we can figure out who sent the package to us.

    How will you credit me back for my return?

    We usually issue in-house credit for returns but in some cases will credit back using the payment method of the original purchase. 

    How long will my return/refund take to process?

    This depends on the nature of the return. A simple returned product is usually credited within a week of it arriving at our warehouse.  Warranty credits can take longer depending on the situation (for example shock refunds are dependent upon the manufacturer's evaluation of the failed product.) We make no guarantees on the time required to evaluate returned products.

  • What payment methods does IPD accept?

    IPD accepts:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express
    • PayPal

    We also accept cash, checks and wire transfers but these are obviously not available through our website.

    Our website does not allow for multiple payment methods on the same order, but our internal order entry system does.  

    If you have a gift card or some other preset limit card, please call Customer Service to use it.

  • Does IPD accept PayPal?

    Yes! We gladly accept PayPal

    Here are some things to consider if you decide to use paypal:

    • Back orders are a gray area with PayPal. According to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines, we are not supposed to hold a customer's money for more than 30 days without supplying product. Since PayPal is a pre-paid method (unlike a bankcard) this can create complications if your order contains items on backorder that may take longer for us to ship.
    • We will only ship PayPal orders that qualify for reseller protection which means that we only ship to the address you use during PayPal checkout and will not change it later.  If using a bankcard, PayPal will decline the transaction if you don't ship to your bankcard statement address.
  • When does my credit card get charged?

    Credit cards have two types of payment transactions. Authorization and Capture.

    Authorization is simply a hold or allocation of funds.  An Authorization is Captured to take the funds.  Authorizations that are not Captured expire (typically after 5-10 days but depends on the bank.)

    See for more information about credit card processing.

    We authorize your card for the stock we have available at the time of order entry.  Typically, back orders are not authorized until the stock becomes available. 

    Authorization means that we placed a hold on the funds but haven't actually taken them yet.   This means the money is "held" or reserved for the merchant that did the authorization.  It doesn't mean that you've actually been charged yet.

    Your funds are Captured when we ship the products.  This means that when our shipping system confirms shipment, our order entry system collects funds against the prior credit card authorization. This is when you are actually charged for the products.

    You may cancel your order any time before it ships and your funds won't be captured (you won't actualy be charged.)  Usually any credit card authorizations are voided at this point but depending on your credit card company, you may need to wait for the authorization to expire to have access to that "held" money.

    95% of the credit card companies in the world hold card authorizations for 5-7 days but there are a few that hold them longer.

  • Is IPD affiliated with Volvo?

    While we do sell lots of Geniuine Volvo products, but we are not affiliated with Volvo (or Geely.)

    IPD is an independent parts supplier.  We have access to the same information, systems and warranty policies of any independent repair facility.

  • How do I contact IPD? What are your business hours?

    The IPD Group is a real brick and mortar business.  We employ a helpful Customer Service staff to answer your questions and take your order. 

    Give us a call during business hours: 800-444-6473   (503-257-7500)

    You can also send email to and we'll answer your questions as quickly as we can.

    Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (17:00) Pacific Time. 

    The current date and time at our location is 2021-10-24 01:38:16.

  • Does IPD have a store where I can buy or pick up merchandise?

    Yes we do.  Here is a link to Google maps.   Also here is more information about our facility.

  • I don't see a part I am looking for on your website. Can you get it?

    Our website may not have all of the products we sell because we have so many part numbers, but we are working to make the website as complete as possible.  Our website is far more current and complete than our catalogs and we are adding new items almost daily.

    If you are seeking a product that we have not sold before or currently do not have listings for, we may be able to source it through one of our various suppliers.  We recommend you contact Customer Service for special order items.

  • Your website shows a part as out of stock. When will it be available?

    That really depends on a variety of factors. We list a lot of products that we do not actually stock because it is simply bad business sense to tie up cash with slow moving stock.  We still want to offer you products that you may need but we can't justify actually stocking the slow movers. 

  • Do you offer a military discount?

    We honor and appreciate all that our servicemen and women do for our country so if you are currently active in the military or a veteran, you can email a photo or scan a copy of your military id, veteran, or veteran rewards card to ipd and we will set up your pricing for 5 to 10% discount (depends on the product line.) You can email your credentials to Thank you for your service!

  • Does IPD offer volume discounts on products?

    Not normally, but depending on the circumstances, it is possible.  We do group buys from time to time also. 
    Please contact Customer Service to find out.

  • Does IPD offer a Club/Forum/Senior discount?

    ipd does not have a regular discount for forum or club members but we frequently run sales promotions and sales on our products. We occasionally run forum promotions. We do keep the prices on our maintanence and repair items very competitive. Please contact our customer service department with any questions regarding this.

  • Pricing discrepancies

    Despite our best efforts, a small number of items may be mispriced and if an item's correct price is higher than the price listed on our website, we will either cancel the order and/or contact the purchaser to notify them of the error.

  • Will adding aftermarket performance products void my car's factory warranty?

    U.S. Federal law sets forth requirements for warranties and contains a number of provisions to prevent vehicle manufacturers, dealers and others from unjustly denying warranty coverage. With regard to aftermarket parts, the spirit of the law is that warranty coverage cannot be denied simply because such parts are present on the vehicle, or have been used. The warranty coverage can be denied only if the aftermarket part caused the malfunction or damage for which warranty coverage is sought. Disputes in this area usually boil down to arguments over facts and technical opinions, rather than arguments over interpretations of the law.

    Additional information: shopfolder/blogs/1/will-adding-aftermarket-performance-products-void-my-car-s-factory-warranty

  • In-House Credit Policies
    • In-House Credit may be issued for many reasons, but primarily is issued to credit for returned goods.
    • In-House Credit may be used toward payment against future purchases of IPD goods.
    • In-House Credit may not be redeemed for cash.
    • In-House Credit expires after one year of issue date.
    • The easiest way to redeem in-house credit is to call and place an order over the phone.  Please mention that you have credit as our reps cannot readily see that you have credit.
    • We currently do not have a way to let you easily utilize your In-House Credit on our website.  If you know you have a credit and want to use it, please leave a request in the comments field during checkout. This will cause your order to be placed on review hold where we can apply your credit.  It is best to use a credit card for this transactions (instead of PayPal.) We will just charge your card for any remaining payment needed against the order.  Your card does not get charged until the order is taken off of hold (after the credit is applied.)

IPD is the Volvo Parts, Accessories and Performance Specialists Since 1963.

We offer a wide variety of high quality replacement, maintenance and restoration car parts plus our own line of heavy duty and performance products. Our custom built online parts catalog features Genuine, OE, OES, OEM, Aftermarket and IPD branded replacement auto parts.

Combine our unmatched 50+ year reputation with our outstanding customer service team and you can be confident we'll be here to serve your Volvo needs long in to the future. Not many others can match our knowledge and dedication to providing the very best customer service in the market. We have a physical location, live customer service agents you can call and extensive inventory so we can ship products to you quickly. Our customer and vehicle first approach means that your experience is our first priority. We have truly hassle-free returns and provide do-it-yourself (DIY) guides and videos for many of our products.

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