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Accu-Form makes Aftermarket Door Panels ● Automotive interior Pieces ● Custom Formed to fit Automotive and ATV Floor Mats/liners.

Installation ACCU-Form DASH-CAPS ®, replacement door panels, vinyl arm rests and other interior panels such as molded plastic covers for arm rests, consoles & doors is so easy.

Accu-Form uses UV protection, which is plastic’s best friend. The biggest enemy to longevity of plastic is ultra-violet radiation from the sun, so ACCU-Form’s DASH-CAPS ® are laminated using a layer of special ultra-violet resistant material over a special high temperature plastic. This provides longer life and a dull surface to minimize reflection from the sun into the driver’s eyes. ACCU-Form parts other than DASH-CAPS ® are custom molded from durable ABS plastic sheets.

Accu-Form dash mats are flexible, and can be bent and molded before breaking, making installation easier and stress free. 



Here is a sampling of popular products for Accuform

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