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28th Annual ipd Garage Sale - 2011

2010-04-09 - ipd staff

Hello Swedish Steel fans! Are you ready for another amazing ipd Garage Sale event? We hope you’ll join us during our favorite event of the year! We look forward to Garage Sale every year, and that statement is 100% true! After speaking with customers for years on the phone, our hopes are to put some faces with names! There’s no better way to combine our staff with the world’s greatest Volvo enthusiasts. It's always fun to chat and see some outstanding Volvo creations. During Garage Sale we’ll have our annual sales event, games, prizes, raffle, swap meet, and our amazing car show! All the proceeds raised from the event are donated to a local charity. Now’s the time to mark your calendars and do whatever it takes to be a part of this wonderful event! 

Please note that this is an on site event only and that no phone calls will be received the day of the Garage Sale.

Details: When: MAY 21, 2011
Location: ipd headquarters - 11744 NE Ainsworth Circle Portland Oregon 97220
Hours: Sales Event: Sale runs from 9:00am until 1:00pm.
Car Show: You must pre-register for the Car Show. Gates open at 8:00am in the main ipd parking lot for Car Show Setup. Car Show runs until 3:00pm. If you would like to enter your Volvo in the car show, please contact Cameron Daline cdaline@ipdusa.com
Swap Meet: You must pre-register for a Swap Meet Spot. Gates open at 7:30am and must have booth cleared by 3:00pm. If you would like to purchase a Swap Meet Spot, please call 800-444-6473 and speak with a Customer Service Agent. Swap Meet Spots are $30.00

 Schedule of Events

Main Events

  • Sale Counter Open 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Swap Meet 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Car Show 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM - People’s Choice Award Voting ends @ 2:00 PM
  • Music and games will be played all day throughout the event
  • Children Healing Art Project (CHAP) will be available to talk more about their organization

Other Important Information

  • People’s choice ballots are available at front gate - ballot box will also be at front gate
  • Door prize entries are available at front gate - door prize entry return box will be at front gate

7:30    - Swap meet set up begins - location: Adjacent parking lot on North side of Ainsworth Circle

8:00    - Show car entries arrive and begin set up

9:00    - Gates open to the public. Sale counter open for business.

11:00 -12:00    

           - Tech Session - Q&A location: Driven Car Care shop

12:00  -  Plinko!

12:30  - Heads or Tails Game

1:00    - Sale counter closed

1:00    - Raffle/Auction begins

2:00    - Voting for peoples choice ends
2:00    - Peoples choice award winner announced

3:00    - Swap meet ends
           - Car show ends

Other Important Information
    People’s choice ballots are available at front gate - ballot box will also be at front gate.
    Door prize entries are available at front gate - door prize entry return box will be at front gate.

Garage Sale Pricing

Garage Sale Pricing
All products will be at  least 10% including Volvo ECU upgrades and Softloader packages.
Items below are discounted 15% off.

All Models:
Sway bars - 15%
IPD lowering Springs - 15%
All Bushing Kits including rubber and poly - 15%
IPD Skid Plates - 15%
IPD Spark Plug Wires - 15%
Plastic Moulded Floor Mats and Cargo Mats - 15%
Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits - 15%
Front Wheel Drive/All Wheel Drive Models:
HD Turbo Controller Valve - 15%
HD Compressor Bypass Valve Kit - 15%
HD Upper Spring Seat - 15%
IPD HD Endlinks - 15%
HD Strut Brace Conversion Kit #72.0006 - 15%
All Poly Engine Mount Kits - %15
RIPKIT- Reverse Intercooler Pipe Kit - 15%
IPD Short Ram Intake Kit #SR5T - 15%
IPD MSD Ignition Coil Upgrade  - 15%
IPD Turboback Exhaust Kit for 850/70 - 2000 - 15%
IPD Silicone Boost Tubing Couplers - 15%
Rear Wheel Drive Models:
Seat Webbing - 15%
Window Scrapers - 15%
Camshafts - 15%
IPD Cam Gears - 15%
IPD Adjustable Torque Rods - 15%
IPD Adjustable Panhard Rods - 15%
IPD O/D Bypass Plate - 15%
All Chassis Braces (Currently Being Offered by IPD) - 15%
Vintage Models:
Valve Covers - 15%
Perlux Ignition Systems - 15%

#3501 4 cylinder Volvos - Reg $4.95ea - 3 pack $12.00
#3502 850,70 series up to 1999(spin on) - Reg $4.95ea - 3 pack $12.00
#3503 all models 1999-2008 - Reg $4.95ea - 3 pack $12.00
#3504 S40,V50 models 2004.5-2008 (cartridge) - Reg $6.43 - 3 pack $22.00

Charity Event

In additon to gawking at Volvos all day and having a great time, we will be holding a charity raffle and auction that will benefit the Childrens Healing Art Project (CHAPS) here in Portland Oregon. Below is more information about this organization.

Children's Healing Art Project (CHAP) brings the healing power of art to children in crisis and their families with a mobile team of teaching artists working in Portland's children's hospitals. CHAP has created art classes tailored to the needs of the children we serve in our partner facilities: Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and Shriners Hospital for Children. In 2009, CHAP worked with over 10,000 children and their families. To learn more go to https://www.chap.name/.