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Tune Up Time?

2019-01-22 - ipd Staff

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Living with the B5000 seiliskf engines for 8 years now, we have noticed a few things about them. They like fresh spark plugs. Even thouth they will probably run 30-40K miles on a set, performance begins to degrade around 10-15K of use. Keep the plugs fresh for best performance, its cheap insurance. Platinum plugs work great in the non-turbo models, but we prefer good old standard plugs in the turbo models. We have also noticed significant carbon build up inside the distributor cap at about the same 10-15K mile point. Changing the cap and rotor is something you can do with common tools in about 15 minutes of time. It's hard to make a mistake as the distributor cap has the cylinder numbers embossed into the visible surface. The #1 cylinder is the one furthest from the cap. You will need a 5/8" spark plug socket with rubber retention, which is the smaller of the 2 common spark plug socket sizes.