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Spark Plugs, 100,000 miles?

2019-01-22 - ipd Staff

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For most 850 and 70 series models Volvo recommends that the plugs be changed at 30,000 miles or 15,000 if the car is driven primarily in the city. Some spark plug manufacturers claim plug life as long as 60-100,000 miles (avoid these). We have found that the turbocharged models are especially sensitive to plug quality and life. If you are having problems with recurring check engine lamps that result in mis-fire codes, most likely the plugs are in need of changing. There are other causes of mis-fire codes, but worn plugs are most often the cause. We have also found that conventional copper core plugs perform better in the turbocharged models when compared to platinum tipped plugs . Use Bosch or NGK for best results and keep them fresh with annual replacement or at 15,000 mile intervals, whichever comes first. The high-powered ignition system in your Volvo can spark just about anything, but to maintain top performance, quick starting and low emissions, keep the spark plugs fresh.