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Tools: Workshop Manuals and Tools

2019-01-16 - ipd Staff

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If you do service and maintenance work on your Volvo or are considering it, a good set of workshop manu-als is a must. Manuals help you troubleshoot problems, provide information to help you decide if repairs are within your mechanical abilities and will alert you to the need for special tools. The best mechanics in the world rely on manuals and consider them to be one of their most valuable tools. I have found that sometimes it takes information from several manuals for me to fully understand a procedure. You'll find over 50 manuals in my home garage ranging from a 1960's vintage Harold T. Glenn hardback by Chilton to the latest factory Volvo manuals for the 70 series plus another 100 or so here at my desk. Each of our customer service people also has a good selection on hand for quick reference. Give us a call and we'll help you select the manuals that will best suit your needs.