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Suspension Upgrades?

2019-01-15 - ipd Staff

Disclaimer: Direct from ipd’s Tech Tip archive!  This tech tip contains information from previous publications.  Products mentioned may not be available or the information may not be accurate due to changes in supply, manufacturing, or part number association.  Please contact ipd Customer Support if you have further questions  info@ipdusa.com

Suspension upgrades can be confusing to the average Volvo owner. The handling characteristics are proba-bly not what drew you to these cars, as they are not noted as great performers in this area. Safety, longevity and utility are the main features that draw people to Volvos but there have always been a small percentage of Volvo owners who want better handling and improved responsiveness. Providing suspension upgrades for these drivers is how ipd got started and these are still our best selling parts.

Most suspension upgrades we offer will significantly improve the handling of your car, resulting in more predictable and responsive handling. This translates into a more comfortable and secure driving environment, making your car safer for you and your passengers.

If you are still unclear after reading about these upgrades, feel free to give our staff a call. They are trained to help provide solutions that will best address your concerns. Not everybody wants to build a sports car, but most drivers will appreciate a well-planned and thought out suspension upgrade that will provide years of service and driving pleasure.