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Suspension: Winter and Your Suspension

2019-01-15 - ipd Staff

Disclaimer: Direct from ipd’s Tech Tip archive!  This tech tip contains information from previous publications.  Products mentioned may not be available or the information may not be accurate due to changes in supply, manufacturing, or part number association.  Please contact ipd Customer Support if you have further questions  info@ipdusa.com

Winter conditions can wreak havoc on your Volvos suspension. Driving on rough snow and ice pack is very hard on shocks, struts and bushings. Jarring jolts to the suspension from rough road surfaces combined with freezing temperatures can cause sudden failure to parts in marginal condition. Sliding into curbs and ditches can also cause extensive damage. Ball joints and tie rods in poor condition can be very stubborn in extreme cold as they can fill with water while driving and then be frozen solid as the temperature dips below freezing. See your local Volvo specialist for an expert assessment of your Volvos suspension or inspect it yourself with the help of a good manual.