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Suspension and Steering Components

2019-01-15 - ipd Staff

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If your old Volvo feels loose in the suspension and you've confirmed that the shocks and springs are in good order, there are a few more things to check. Bushings, ball joints and tie rods are next on the list. Worn bush-ings can cause a loose or sloppy feel (not to mention creaking and clunking). Check each one for cracking around the edges and torn or missing rubber - if they look worn out, they're already well past their effective life.

Worn ball joints can also cause sloppy steering; and often make themselves known by adding resistance to the movement of your steering wheel. Dropping a ball joint quickly results in one of the front wheels disap-pearing into the front fender, and your Volvo will grind to a halt, crossmember to pavement.

When inspecting these parts, chock the bushing(s) in your steering shaft for wear, the idler arm bushing for lateral movement (there should be!none), and the tie rods. A quick test for the tie rods is to have an assistant lightly rock the steering wheel left to right while you visually check for any slop at the 'ball joint' ends. Again, there should be none.