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200 Series Door Panel Removal

2019-01-14 - ipd Staff

Tools needed: Straight and Phillips style screwdrivers

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Unscrew the inside door lock knob. Remove the cover from the window crank handle by prying the cover from the handle using a small screwdriver (see photo). Unscrew the center screw and remove the handle. Remove the plastic trim from the inside door handle. Simply move the trim toward the center and it will dislodge the perimeter lock trim. Next remove the door pull by prying the plugs from the face of the handle. Unscrew both Phillips head screws under the plugs. Remove the electric window panel from the cutout in the handle if so equipped. To remove the handle, pivot the rear of the handle up clockwise until the bayonet lock is disengaged and pull from the door (about 90 degrees).

Remove the door pocket by turning the three lower lock clips a half a turn and remove the clips. Once the lower part of the pocket is free, push up on the left side of the pocket until the pocket unlatches from the plas-tic stud at the top left. Do the same on the right side. Now pivot the pocket up from the bottom to unhook the center of the pocket from the slot in the door.

Once all the parts have been removed from the panel, start at the bottom of the panel and pry the panel away from the door using our door panel removal tool. Finally, lift the entire panel upward to disengage the metal tabs along the top. Use care to not damage the clips attached to the door panel. A soggy panel will easily rip the clips right out of the holes.