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Model Designation Breakdown

2019-01-14 - ipd Staff

240, 242, 244, 245, 740, 744, 745, 760, 764, 765, 780, 940,944, 945, 960, 964, 965 ???????

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Volvo uses a simple model nomenclature that is easy to follow once you know how it works. For example, the 2 in 245 DL is for the series, as in 200 series. The second number, 4 is the number of cylinders in the engine and the third number, 5 is the number of doors. So a 245 is a 200 series, 4 cylinder 5 door wagon.

Throughout our catalog you'll see 200 series, 700 series and 900 series mentioned. This generally means that the parts listed will fit all models of that particular series Volvo. There are some exceptions and this is when we will list specific models instead of the series. This system went away when Volvo introduced the 850 and there is no "logic" to the model designation of the newer models.