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Winter Driving Skills, Out of Control and Loving it!

2019-01-11 - ipd Staff

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If you've lived in an area for any time where it gets real cold in the winter you've probably acquired basic snow/ice driving skills. If not, lake the time to learn from an experienced driver who is comfortable sliding around (in your car) in an empty snow covered parking lot until you're comfortable being out of control! Actually with a little bit of guidance you can learn a lot in a short time. Practice correcting for over steer in slides, emergency braking, acceleration and take off techniques. Practicing on public streets is not smart and can cause terrible accidents. Beware of becoming overconfident. You may be an excellent snow/ice driver, but don't forget about all those other "excellent" snow/ice drivers. 90% of all drivers rate themselves in the top 10% when it comes to driving skills. Do the math and survive.

The Great Snow Tire Debate

If you have to drive on snow or ice, make the investment in a set of 4 snow tires or keep your sled off the road. Many people feel they can get by with snow tires mounted only on the drive wheels. Snow tires on the rear provide good traction when accelerating but if you want to stop and steer, you need snow tires n the front. Anything less and you're fooling yourself. If you think your driving skills can get you by with all season tires, see the 90% group of drivers mentioned above. Don't risk your car, your life or the lives of others. Get four snow tires, they don't have to be expensive. The cheapest $39.95 snow tire will easily out perform the best $150.00 all season tire. Again ask around to see what the locals like.