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CV Spline Noise

2019-01-09 - ipd Staff

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Tech Writer: Robert W. Arnold 2-27-2004

Noise coming from the front end, specifically near the rotating mass, can be tricky to diagnose. Many times a noise heard 'here' is emitting from 'over there'. One source of noise that can easily be overlooked is from CV shaft spline movement inside the wheel bearing. As the wheel bearing accepts the shaft splines and the outer nut is tightened down, any movement in the joint should be minimal. A squeaking noise can still come from this joint during specific conditions. To eliminate the noise, disassemble the front cv shaft from the hub, clean and coat the shaft splines with a moderate amount of the factory recommended chemical thread locker or after market equivalent. Once reassembled, torque the axle nut to factory spec. Let the chemical setup for an hour before driving for best results.
Volvo chemical part #1161053