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240/260 Rear trailing Arm bush tool

2019-01-08 - ipd Staff

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He who dies with the most tools wins.

Why is it that the bushing that fails the most often on the 200 series suspension is the one that requires a special tool to service? Now you can be the first in your neighborhood to have your own trailing arm bushing tool.  Everyone you know that owns a 200 series will suddenly become your best friend.

Replacing the lower rear trailing arm bushing is almost impossible without this tool. We have heard of people using a cutting torch to burn the old bushing out and a few other creative attempts, but it is generally accepted by Volvo owners that the factory style bushing tool is the only way to do the job safely and efficiently. This normally means taking your Volvo to the dealer as the factory tool is very expensive. Now available at an affordable do it yourself price, this tool is built specifically to extract and install the lower rear trailing arm bushing on all 240 and 260 series Volvos 1975 to 1993.

Comes with detailed instructions.