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HD Headlight Harness and Relay System

2019-01-08 - ipd Staff

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If you are running or would like to run high output headlight bulbs, or European style headlamps with increased wattage, you should seriously consider upgrading the headlamp wiring harness with a relay controlled hi amperage system. We have recently sourced these economically priced kits that feature a very easy to install plug & play design. Basically they allow you to unplug the existing headlamp connectors and use them to control a set of hi output relays that power the headlamps directly from the battery. The heavy gauge relay outputs come with the appropriate connectors to plug back onto your headlights. This makes installation quick and easy as relay function and knowledge of harness fabrication is not needed.

This is an essential upgrade when using high output headlamp bulbs and can even provide improved light output in stock systems as voltage drop to the headlamp is significantly reduced.