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Garage Sale 2021 Update Blog

2021-03-01 - IPD Team


It started back in March of 2020 when our annual Garage Sale event was put on hold.  For over 30 years Volvo enthusiasts have been committed to joining us on the third weekend in May.  Volvo owners come from all over the world to attend our special day raising awareness and funds for our partner Nursingale.  Nursingale is a Portland Oregon based non-profit organization committed to providing in-home nursing care to medically fragile children. 


Since March of 2020 IPD has followed strict guidelines from Oregon Health Authorities.   Due to the size of our event, we have not been able to host the Garage Sale at our location.  It has been an unfortunate time for everyone, that includes our vendors and suppliers who do an incredible job supporting the Garage Sale.  Many of our suppliers have been closed, short staffed, unable to manufacture and ship products.   We heavily rely on our vendors support to make sure our Garage Sale is a great success.  During 2020 we understood support would be limited.  Here we are in 2021 and another Garage Sale has passed us by.  Our vendors are doing the best they can to catch up manufacturing parts, filling orders, and shipping product.  I’m sure some of you have felt the pain waiting on back order items.   


Our annual Garage Sale takes months of preparation to organize and set up.  Without knowing when guidelines would be lifted, we chose to hold off hosting Garage Sale until May of 2022.   We are still working with a few local Volvo businesses to host a car show and driving event in the near future.  Details about that drive will be coming soon.   Don’t worry about Nursingale.  During 2020 and 2021 IPD will continue to donate and support Nursingale.  Our staff is quite active helping Nursingale with other events hosted through their organization.  On the home page of the IPD website, you will see a direct link allowing you to donate directly to Nursingale.  Nursingale will also be hosting a virtual auction called Together For Good.  We will be emailing and inviting all our customers to join that virtual event where you can bid on prizes and trips!  Please keep an eye out for that email shortly.  


Thank you to all our incredible friends in the Volvo community for your continued support and patience.  This year is far from over with plenty to accomplish.  IPD is working closely with all our vendors to support you and your orders.  Here at IPD we are all extremely grateful for your friendship and patience.   Keep an eye on this blog for more details regarding upcoming car meets and gatherings at our facility.  If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our staff members at 800-444-6473.  We look forward to seeing you all soon. 


-IPD Team 6/28/2021



Dear Volvo friends,

We hope everyone is having a safe and healthy 2021.   It was extremely hard not being able to see all of our incredible Volvo friends during 2020.  Even though we were not able to host our annual Garage sale, we did our best to support Nursingale throughout the year. 

At this time, we are hoping to host Garage Sale sometime during the summer months of 2021.  We will do our best to give everyone plenty of time to schedule in advance to attend.  At this time local health authorities are not allowing an event of this magnitude.  We’re hoping once our county allows a gathering that will allow all our guests to visit, we will then set a date.   Our Garage Sale is possible due to the support of our vendors, local businesses, and neighbors.   It’s extremely important we follow all rules and guidelines set forth by local health authorities.   We will continue to update any news available to us within the IPD Garage Sale Blog.  

Nursingale and IPD appreciate all your support.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  If you have any questions, please send an email to info@ipdusa.com  We will do our best to answer any questions you have.   Thank you and have a fantastic day!  Be safe.

- IPD Team

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