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Tune Up Your Volvo PV - A Blog on Everything You Need to Tune up!

2020-07-15 - Megan Russell - Marketing Director

This is your comprehensive guide to the art of the tune up on your Volvo PV

1950 - 1969 VOLVO PV

"The Volvo PV is a series of two-door, four-passenger car models — the PV444 and the PV544 — made by Volvo from 1947 to 1966. During World War II's early stages, Volvo decided that a new, smaller car that could deliver good fuel economy would assure the company's future."


Volvo PV Oil Change:

Oil Filter:  An  oil filter  is a  filter  designed to remove contaminants from engine  oil , transmission  oil , lubricating  oil , or hydraulic  oil .  Oil filters  are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery. ... Gas turbine engines, such as those on jet aircraft, also require the use of  oil filters .

  Buy a case of Volvo Engine FIlters and save more!

Oil: Motor oil, engine oil, or engine lubricant is any of various substances consisting of base oils enhanced with various additives, particularly antiwear additives, detergents, dispersants, and, for multi-grade oils, viscosity index improvers. Motor oil is used for lubrication of internal combustion engines.

Drain plug:  A  drain plug  is a  plug  which is taken out to allow a fluid to be drained from a tank such as an engine  oil  pan or sump. Remove the  oil drain plug and allow  oil  to  drain  out.  If your car's engine  oil  is still leaking even after  replacing  the  drain plug , then  you should  consider  replacing  the  oil drain plug  seal. Even if it's just a small part, the drain plug seal can cause major problems once it's damaged.

Drain plug seal:  Most Volvo models have  drain plugs  that come with an  oil drain plug seal . The drain plug seal  doesn't just serve to stop  oil  from leaking. It has another special function - as a lockwasher for the  drain plug . The drain plug seal  keeps the drain  plug  from slipping out of its thread.

Oil Filter Magnet:  Now there’s a way to capture every micro-speck of metal that causes Volvo engine wear. Debris that your oil filter alone might not be able to screen. Made of strong, flexible polyurethane. Simply attach the IPD Oil Filter Magnet to the outside of your metal spin-on oil filter and let it do the work. The super strong magnet begins working immediately to power clean your oil. Your oil will continue to get cleaner month after month through normal driving and proper maintenance. The permanent oil filter  magnet will never wear out, so you’ll enjoy a lifetime of protection that goes far beyond conventional mechanical filtration.

Check out our Volvo PV Oil Change Kit Builder Here:

IPD Volvo PV Engine Tune Up Kits

Our Volvo PV Engine Tune Up kit contains Distributor cap, Rotor, Points and Spark Plugs.

If your Volvo engine is sound, you'll probably find tune-ups due every year or so. This assumes that the Volvo fuel system is in peak operating condition (rare, but we've seen a few). We suggest tuning your B18/20s each Autumn and again in the Spring to keep the ignition system happy. 

Tune Up Kit for Breakerless Conversion:

This kit is for those that have converted to breakerless ignition such as Pertronix or Crane systems. Kit includes cap, rotor & plugs but no points or condensor.

If your engine is sound, you'll probably find tune-ups due every year or so. This assumes that the fuel system is in peak operating condition (rare, but we've seen a few). We tune our B18/20s each Autumn and again in the Spring to keep the ignition system happy.

Most vintage Volvos are not wearing their original distributor!

The information in the 'Additional Information' tab is the best and most accurate way for us to get you the correct tune-up parts the first time. The Bosch number listed is only the last three digits of the full ten digit number. For those distributors without the ten digit number, there is an alternate number listed.

Kit includes:

  • BREMI distributor cap (Bosch is no longer available)
  • Bosch ignition rotor
  • Set of 4 NGK spark plugs

Volvo PV Tune Up Parts - Individual/ Optional

Engine Air Filter: An A ir filter  is a device composed of fibrous or porous materials which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the  air entering your engine or cars cab.   Air filters  are used in applications where  air  quality is important, notably in building ventilation systems and in  engines .

Spark Plug Wires:  High tension leads or high tension cables or  spark plug wires  or  spark plug  cables are the  wires  that connect a distributor,  ignition  coil, or magneto to each of the  spark plugs  in some types of internal combustion engine.

Our custom spark plug wires are made with a high quality 8mm silicone jacket and feature a spiral wound core for maximum electrical efficiency. Each wire set is custom designed for each application covering over 40 years of Volvo models. Engineered to meet and surpass OEM quality our wire sets include factory style metal end connectors (where applicable) that can withstand the heat of turbo charged models. Each wire set includes plug and coil wires as well as dielectric grease used on the plug boots for easy removal at tune-up time.

111303 - IPD - Performance Spark Plug Wires - B18 B20 Engines

Distributor Cap:  Distributor cap . The  distributor cap  is the cover that protects the  distributor's  internal parts and holds the contacts between internal rotor and the spark plug wires. The rotor is attached to the top of the  distributor  shaft which is driven by the engine's camshaft and thus synchronized to it.

Many vintage Volvo engines are not wearing their original distributor.

Originally used on:
1969 & 1973 B20 engines
1958-1968 B16 & B18 engines
Distributor last 3 digits: 006, 010, 078, 099, 021, 009, 003, 166 or VJUBL33

To ensure correct ordering please inspect what is currently equipped on your car. If you are unsure how to identify your distributor or ignition components, give us a call. 800-444-6473

Oil Cap Seal:  The stock Volvo oil cap seals fail so quickly that most Volvo technicians have learned to replace them at every oil change to prevent leaks.

Engine Antifreeze: Genuine Volvo Antifreeze is a phosphate free coolant which is recommended for aluminum engines but will work with any Volvo model. Do note that this coolant is concentrated and should be cut with an equal part of distilled water. 

Fuel System Cleaners: SI-1's injector and valve detergent is a concentrated package of the most powerful high-temperature detergents available to clean gasoline fuel injectors or carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers and can clean injectors to nearly 100% efficiency in one treatment. The cleansing effect on injector deposits can raise fuel economy approximately 12% or even greater, depending on the condition of the injectors.

SI-1 also contains detergents and a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant which will help clean pollution control valves and can reduce octane requirements by two numbers. SI-1 also protects the fuel system from rust.

Use one bottle with a full tank or use in smaller doses for continued maintenance, as SI-1 treats up to 100 gallons. Safe for continual use.

Carburetor Rebuild Kits

Carb Rebuild Kits: Whether your Carburetor is new or old, they all have one thing in common; Maintenance! It is common in carbs to need to be rebuilt or serviced multiple times in their lifetime. We have made that easy for you by creating Carburetor Rebuild kits for your Volvo's Carb's

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