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2020 IPD Garage Sale Information



IPD Garage Sale has been postponed.  This unfortunate situation has hindered our ability to prepare and organize for this incredible event.  Hosting Garage Sale at a later date will ensure a safer atmosphere for everyone joining us on our special day.  We will update this blog once our team has established a new date.  Thank you for all your cooperation and patience.  We look forward to hanging out with all of you in the near future.   

Date TBD, 2020 is our Annual IPD USA Garage Sale, Swap Meet and Car Show. We look forward to this event each year and we’re excited for the days events, including: games, prizes, giveaways, sale pricing on all of our inventory and much more!

We hope to see you here for this great event benefitting Nursingale - Please visit www.nursingale.org

IPD Garage Sale Date TBD


11744 NE Ainsworth Cir. Portland, Oregon 97220

Car Show

The main lot of IPD will feature some of the more premier and unique Volvos. If you have a restored, nice original or hotrod Volvo that sticks out from the crowd and would like to inquire about entering it into the car show portion of the event please email details to chris@ipdusa.com Please email us some pictures and details of your car and he will let you know if we have room available in the main lot or if your car is more suited to be in the Show N' Shine area.  Please do not think your car has to be absolutely perfect.  We do our best to offer the crowd as many Volvo models that have been modified or are in restored condition.  Both the main lot and the Show N' Shine contribute to making this event spectacular!   

Show N' Shine Parking

CALLING ALL VOLVOS!  If your car is not featured in the main parking lot, that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be seen! Cars in the Show N' Shine will be across the street from IPD in the parking lot of MESD. For $5.00 you can park your Volvo along with other enthusiasts making it easy for everyone to browse their favorite models.  Cars parked in the Show N' Shine area are on a first come first served basis and will recieve a number and will be judged throughout the day! You can enter the Show N Shine area beginning at 8:00am. All proceeds raised from the Show N' Shine will be donated to Nursingale Organization in Portland Oregon.  We can't wait to see your ride! 

Swap Meet

To reserve a spot in the Swap Meet portion of the event to sell your parts call and confirm your spot with our customer service team at 800-444-6473.  Swap Meet spots are $30.00.  All proceeds raised from the Swap Meet spots will be donated to Nursingale Organization in Portland Oregon. Please contact sales@ipdusa.com 

Sponsored by Bosch


Feeling Generous? Donate now!

Nursingale Charity

IPD is proud to work for Nursingale, a small 501 (c) 3 Portland based pediatric non-profit. Nursingale is a fantastic organization dedicated to helping medically fragile children and young adults attain the highest quality of life possible by providing in-home, family-centered nursing care with an emphasis on keeping families together.  

Nursingale is the only non-profit provider of home-based skilled pediatric nursing care for medically fragile children and young adults in Oregon. The clients receiving services require extensive and skilled care by licensed Registered Nurses (RN) and licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) under the direct written orders of the client's physician. Their clients have been diagnosed with serious and rare medical conditions including bronchomalacia, Prune Belly Syndrome, chronic renal and lung failure, spastic Cerebral Palsy, muscular atrophy, myotubular myopathy, Epidermolysis Bullosa and obstructive apnea. These children and young adults are dependent on technology such as ventilators, tracheotomies, vest airway clearance systems, feeding tubes, pulse oximeters, supplemental oxygen, and power wheelchairs. Nursingale’s home based nursing program is a great alternative to institutional and foster home care for persons with complex disabilities. For more information please visit www.nursingale.org to donate now, go to https://nursingale.org/donate/

IPD is very excited to work with Nursingale helping bring awareness to the Volvo community about all the wonderful services they provide for children and young adults. Nursingale will be on site during the Garage Sale event ready to talk to you and enjoy all the festivities!

Food and Lodging

David Douglas Cheer Squad

The David Douglas High School Cheer Squad will be on site serving up hot dogs and burgers along with non alcoholic beverages!

Spring Hill Suites

IPD previously worked with a few hotels willing to provide a discount for lodging. Spring Hill Suites "Marriott" located right across the street from ipd. If you're traveling from out of town and would like a nice comfy room to stay in, ipd recommends this affordable hotel right next to the show.  For further questions, please email Chris Delano at chris@ipdusa.com  You can contact Spring Hill Suites direct at 503-253-4095 and mention IPD.  They will discount the room to $129.00 per night.   We just negotatiated this rate as of 3/10/2020.   

Shilo Inn - Portland Airport

The Shilo Inn has been a hotspot for anyone visiting past Garage Sale events.  Portland’s natural beauty, mild climate, and friendly people will be enhanced when you stay at the newly updated Shilo Inn Suites Hotel located near the Portland Airport. Shilo is within walking distance of IPD and catering to Portland’s business travelers and vacationers.

11707 NE Airport Way,
Portland Oregon

We are currently working with the Spring Hill Suites and Shilo Inn for a discounted rate.  We will continue to update this blog once those details are finalized.  Thank you for your support.  

Games and Raffle 

Raffle- Raffle tickets are sold at the event.  Each raffle ticket costs $1.00.  Once you recieve your raffle tickets, please visit the raffle area.   Drop your raffle ticket into any of the boxes associated with the prize you wish to win.  You must be present to win!  See the Schedule of Events for when winners will be announced.  All proceeds raised from the Raffle will be donated to Nursingale Organization in Portland Oregon. Thank you!

Heads or Tails-  Heads or Tails tickets cost $20.00.  This is a fantastic game where you press your luck with the flip of a coin.  Each contestant will receive one Heads card and one Tails card.   Each contestant will hold up one card of their choice.  An ipd staff member will then flip a coin.  If that coin lands on your choice of Heads or Tails, you move on to the next round.  This game is a simple process of elimination.  If you're lucky enough to make it to the end, you can win big!  Each contestant will get a chance to play through two full rounds.  Each round will receive an IPD gift certificate.   All proceeds raised from the Heads or Tails game will be donated to Nursingale Organization in Portland Oregon.

Schedule of Events

Main Events

Main Lot, Show N' Shine, Swap Meet Set up starts at 7:30am 
Sale Counter Open 9:30am-12:30pm
Swap Meet 9:00am-3:00p
Car Show 9:00am-3:00pm
Raffle/Auction 11:00am & 1:00pm
Heads or Tails Game 12:30pm 
Car Show winner announcements 2:00pm-3:00pm

All Day Events

Music and games will be played all day throughout the event
Nursingale will be available to talk more about their organization and partnership with IPD

  • 7:30 - Swap meet set up begins - location: Adjacent parking lot on North side of Ainsworth Circle
  • 8:00 - Show car entries arrive and begin set up
  • 8:30 - Gates open to the public
  • 9:30 - Sale counter open for business
  • 11:00- Red Table Raffle winners announced 
  • 12:30- Heads or Tails Game  This is a great opportunity to win Gift Certificates and Prizes!
  • 12:30- Sale counter closed
  • 1:00-  Blue Table Raffle winners announced 
  • 1:30-  Oral Auction begins
  • 2:30-  Announcement for Car Show winners
  • 3:00 - Swap meet and car show end

For further information please contact Chris Delano at chris@ipdusa.com