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Future Cars Blog: Volvo Venus Bilo

2019-12-23 - Megan Russell

The Volvo Venus Bilo was revealed by Volvo Cars in 1933.

The name was a pun, referencing to Venus de Milo, with bil meaning "automobile" in Swedish.

Based on the Volvo PV655 chassis, It was a smooth and bulbous design. 

It was designed with a large loading capacity in mind. Volvo designed nine special suitcases that could be fitted into spaces in the trunk and compartments in the right front fender. As seen in the image below, the Volvo suitcases were very luxurious and came in varoius sizes. The color and material is still up for guessing as the knowlege from Volvo has since been lost. The left fender contained spare tyre and tools and a second spare tire in the rear was used in place of a bumper. 

Volvo's initial concept was a 4-door saloon with 4 seats in total. It was the predecessor to the later production model Volvo PV 36 Carioca 4-door saloon. 

"The fate of the Volvo itself is unknown. After World War II it was sold to a person in Denmark. In the mid-1950s it was owned by a Danish scrapyard owner who rebuilt it into a pick-up truck. It was used as late as 1956, but then it vanished." Wikipedia