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ipd Kit Builder

2018-09-12 - ipd staff

The ipd Kitbuilder is the first of its kind in the automotive industry. ipd created an innovative way for our customers to choose the parts that work specifically for you and your Volvo. This wasn’t an easy task. Our knowledgeable staff has taken all the busy work out of researching products for your project. Inside each Kitbuilder there are recommended components that are necessary when performing a specific task. The customer now has the power to select each item, catering to their brand preference, budget, and availabiity.   

Each kit begins with ipd’s recommended basic components. From there, you can alter or add from a long list of optional products to help you tailor a complete package. Our knowledgeable staff created this dynamic Kitbuilder function so you can make the decision on what components work best for your vision while maintaining or upgrading your Volvo.

For over 50 years ipd staff members have been serving the Volvo community by helping customers with assistance and guidance. Now we’re able to offer that same level and service through multiple shopping channels. We hope you have fun taking advantage of this new all-inclusive way of shopping for your automotive needs.

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