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ipd Partners with Gluon

2017-02-21 - ipd staff

ipd has been known as the Volvo Specialist for decades. This isn’t just a catchphrase for us. We have specialized in developing heavy duty and performance products specifically for Volvo for over 50 years! We are committed to applying resources making your Volvo perform better whether that be through providing high quality maintenance items, manufacturing suspension solutions, or helping you achieve safe and reliable performance gains.

For decades, we’ve worked with some of the most skilled Volvo tuners in the world to offer performance tunes that dramatically increase power without compromising reliability or drivability. Over the years, we’ve offered various methods to get these tunes installed in your Volvo but none of those processes were very convenient. We've also been working to make tunes more accessible. We’re proud to introduce a game changing device that will make tuning easy through your mobile phone or handheld app and the wireless Gluon device. To be clear, we are not offering new tunes but rather a better way of delivering our tunes to your Volvo.

ipd has partnered with Gluon (www.gluon.com), a technology company that has developed a patent-pending hardware solution to connect into the OBDII port and tune a vehicle. The Gluon device communicates with a cloud server, which catalogs and assembles tune files specifically for each customers Volvo. Each customer is able to control and monitor the process through a personal wireless device such as a cell phone or tablet (iOS and Android).

If you want to be a part of ipd history, please contact Chris Delano chris@ipdusa.com or Ken Pruett ken@ipdusa.com to schedule an appointment. We have two locations, one in Portland, Oregon and another in Livermore, California.

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