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$25,000 Build Off

2013-03-01 - ipd staff

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this open to international customers who want to participate?
A. Yes.

Q. Who will be deciding the winners?
A. ipd staff members will take all the submissions and come to a decision on which builds will be the most interesting and worthy.

Q. Any tips to help me submit my proposal?
A. YES! Make sure and have a detailed outline and timeline of your project as well as a plan of action. It's important that the document is well written to show us that you are able to produce well written updates throughout the process. A video proposal is also another great option to show your character and personality.

Q. Is this going to be a video production competition? Are there any judging criteria that we should be addressing?
A. This is not a video production competition. This is a build off in the sense that you need to sell yourself to us by presenting yourself in a way that shows you have a clear plan and will complete your project by the end of the year. As far as judging, we're open to all kinds of builds. If your goal is to take a car that you found in a field and get it on the road, finishing a project that is already nearly complete or adding goodies to an already awesome car, we're open to it. Key is to sell yourself as you will be expected to submit regular updates via video and or written article and pictures of the process.

Q. So the ipd parts and the labor are reimbursed afterwards or just the labor?
A. Each of the five selected projects will be teamed up with a build leader (ipd customer service rep) to facilitate the desired ipd parts for your build (up to $2500). The parts will be tracked and shipped by your build leader at no cost. Retail value will be deducted from the $2500 allottment. The remaining $2500 will be reimbursed as the work is being completed by working with the same build leader and submitting receipts.

Q. When will I find out who my build leader is?
A. May 1st will be when we announce the winning projects. It will be at this time that we assign each of those projects build leaders.

Q. When is the last day to submit proposals?
A. April 15, 2013

Q. If there is a part we need that is a bit more then we can spend at the moment, can you work with the team leader to get 50% of the funding or even have it directly paid as an invoice?
A. Unfortunately we're going to be a stickler on this one. We will only reimburse for work that has been completed once you provide receipts.

Q. Does the build total have to stay within a $5000 budget?
A. Nope. The build can be as expensive as you want but only $5000 is coming from ipd. In theory you can do an entire build for the $5000 if you're creative but you can also have a build well over $5000 value. We are open to all options for this build off.

Q. Is shipping costs part of the $2500 in IPD parts/acc?
A. Yes. Retail cost of the parts plus shipping counts towards the $2500.

Q. Is the $2500 that goes towards paint, repairs, service, etc only for labor or does it also cover the cost of the parts for that job?
A. This $2500 can go towards labor or cost for that job providing you can present a receipt for reimbursement.

Q. Do you have an example of a build sheet?
A. Yep. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=529319&d=1226185282. They can be presented however you want but the more detail the better.

Q. So the $2500 that is not for the iPd parts can NOT be used to buy other parts? unless those parts are being installed by someone else, in which, with a receipt, parts AND labor costs are covered?
A. Let's put it this way, The "other" $2500 can be used for whatever you want, including more parts and/or labor but in order to be reimbursed for it you must be able to present receipts. It doesn't have to be used for paint or body work or interior. Those are just examples of what you could use it for.

Q. Just out of curiosity what is the best/easiest format to submit for this? I was thinking about making a power point but figured I would check with you guys first!
A. Pretty much any format will work for submitting your proposal. I would say that a pdf is ideal but we'll accept power point, word etc.


Build Leaders

Each of our teams have blogs to chronicle each build once winners are selected. Click on any team to read more.