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IPD Garage Sale 2022 Overview


Thank you for joining us!


It has been a few years since our last Garage Sale event.  It was refreshing to finally have our annual event. IPD’s Garage Sale is known for having some of the most unique Volvos on display. We packed our main lot with a variety of Volvos ranging over 60 years.  IPD and the Volvo community created one of the best Volvo cars shows in the country, we’ve turned it into one of the best charity events around.  IPD has an incredible relationship with a local non-profit providing nursing care to medically fragile children and young adults.  For many years this Volvo community has raised thousands of dollars supporting an amazing organization.  IPD and Nursingale would like to thank everyone who attended this incredible event.  It was easy to see that the Volvo community was looking forward to having an event strictly catered to Volvo.  We appreciate everyone who made the trip to Portland to join us.  Thank you for the support!

Overview Video of the Garage Sale event

If you weren’t able to make the trip over to Portland this year, no worries.  We hope that you’ll be able to come see us next year during our 60th anniversary.   Here is a video showing how we crammed tons of cars in the main parking lot.   This event grows each year.  We’ve had to utilize neighboring businesses parking lots so we can display all the Volvos properly.  We also have one of the best swap meet sections around.  As you can see the weather cooperated making this day even better than we could've imagined!

Car Show & Show N' Shine

With twice as many cars attending this year’s event, we knew it was going to be tricky getting all the cars in the correct spot.  IPD would like to thank all Volvo owners who attended the Main Car Show and Show N’ Shine section.  Everyone started around 8:00am packing into the main car show areas.   We were successful in getting all the cars parked appropriately without any dings or damage!  Having to navigate in tight spaces proved to be a challenge.  The commitment of all the owners knowing how crucial it is getting the cars aligned properly is what makes this event so much fun to attend.   We appreciate everyone who brought out their Volvo projects for everyone to see. 

David Douglas Cheer Squad Food and Drink

The David Douglas Cheer Squad has supported the IPD Garage Sale for many years.  They provide all the food and drink throughout the day keeping all the attendees happy.  The David Douglas Cheer Squad also supports Nursingale by selling raffle tickets.   IPD vendors donate products that go into our raffle section.   The cheer squad makes sure everyone is up to speed on how the raffle works and where It’s located on the IPD premises.  They’ve always been a huge help making this event even more spectacular.    

Benefitting Nursingale

Nursingale is a small 501(c)3 Portland based pediatric non-profit. Nursingale is a fantastic organization dedicated to helping medically fragile children and young adults attain the highest quality of life possible by providing in-home, family-centered nursing care with an emphasis on keeping families together.  

Nursingale is the only non-profit provider of home-based skilled pediatric nursing care for medically fragile children and young adults in Oregon. The clients receiving services require extensive and skilled care by licensed Registered Nurses (RN) and licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) under the direct written orders of the client's physician. Their clients have been diagnosed with serious and rare medical conditions including bronchomalacia, Prune Belly Syndrome, chronic renal and lung failure, spastic Cerebral Palsy, muscular atrophy, myotubular myopathy, Epidermolysis Bullosa and obstructive apnea. These children and young adults are dependent on technology such as ventilators, tracheotomies, vest airway clearance systems, feeding tubes, pulse oximeters, supplemental oxygen, and power wheelchairs. Nursingale’s home based nursing program is a great alternative to institutional and foster home care for persons with complex disabilities. For more information please visit www.nursingale.org

ipd is always excited to work with Nursingale to help bring awareness to the Volvo community about all the wonderful services they provide for children and young adults. Nursingale was on site during the Garage Sale event speaking with many Volvo enthusiasts!  Our vendors and partners donate many products that go into IPD's Raffle and Auction.  These events are extremely popular among the community.  It's fun to watch people bid and win prizes througout the day.  Nursingale and IPD appreicate everyone who donates products and contribute to all the fundraising events at the show.  Thank you for helping raise thousands of dollars for Nursingale over the years.  We appreciate the support.  

Our amazing sponsors and vendors

The IPD Garage Sale wouldn’t be what it is without our incredible sponsors and vendors.  This year our main sponsor was Bosch Automotive Products.  Bosch was also on site hanging out and answering questions throughout the day.  Our co-sponsors Mahle and MTC products were extremely helpful in providing resources and products for the raffle and auction.   IPD has built many incredible relationships with manufactures and distributors who all see benefit in supporting this amazing event.   We would like to thank all those vendors who continue to support us each year!  The raffle and auction was created to help raise money and awareness for our charity partner.  Our vendors have helped us raise thousands of dollars for Nusingale by donating and supplying products.  This is a huge highlight for many who attend.  IPD is grateful for all of those who donate and continue to support this wonderful event.