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Cleaning and Detailing Your Volvo

2012-07-20 - ipd staff


In this Cleaning & Detailing segment we feature a regular Volvo 850 wagon. This particular wagon serves its purpose by hauling the family around on trips, taking kids to school, running errands, and can often be seen outfitted with some heavy rafting equipment loaded on top of the roof rails. Like most Volvo owners, we utilize these rugged vehicles to explore and enjoy all the wonderful life events we go through on a daily basis.

Ipd’s Chris and Cameron took a few hours to show you the importance of maintaining the exterior and interior of your Volvo. This two part segment features helpful tips when washing your car, vacuuming the interior, and how to determine the stage of your paint before investing in a wax or cutting compound. Throughout these videos we touch on each product highlighting the benefits of investing in a good detail kit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s mud fallen off your shoes from a long day of hiking, or cookie crumbs from the toddler in the back seat. It all seems to find a way to hide in those hard to find areas we overlook. Follow Chris and Cameron as they “deep clean” this ordinary car bringing some of its natural beauty back to life!

Ipd’s been using Auto Magic on our own project vehicles for over 30 years. Auto Magic has manufactured the highest quality Auto Detailing Products for over 50 years! When it comes to taking care of your Volvo’s paint, Auto Magic has products that will rejuvenate faded or deteriorated paint.

Ipd also carries many other detailing products that have proven to protect and enhance the appearance of your Volvo. Glass cleaners, tire shine, bumper and trim cleaners, stain removers, and leather cleaners can all be found on our website!

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