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The Passing Lane Newsletter - July 2011

Page 12: Sway Bars, Springs, Camber Kit

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Sale pricing valid from Saturday, July 16, 2011 through Friday, September 02, 2011

ipd Anti-Sway Bars

- The Best Upgrade You’ll Ever Make.

If you really enjoy driving your Volvo, but occasionally find yourself wishing it handled a little better, you should seriously consider having an ipd safety anti sway bar system installed. Our sway bar kits have been the number one top selling suspension upgrade for Volvos for over 25 years and if you spend a few minutes on the web you’ll see why. Volvo owners around the world consistently give ipd swaybar kits excellent reviews for enhanced performance and safety. Flatter cornering, quicker response to steering input, increased margin of safety and a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers due to reduced body roll.

6K5036 Reviewed by Gary Smith from Edmond, Oklahoma"Thanks IPD. After speaking with Chris for a while on the phone answering all my specific questions about upgrading my 2001 S60 with IPD's Anti-Sway Bars, I was convinced. I also added the HD link rods. Wow!! What a difference. I'm ready to take this to the track. Corners taken at 20-25 mph can now be taken at 40+ mph. By far the most bang for the buck I've ever got from a suspension upgrade. I love the ride so much, I'm negotiating to buy a 2004 S60R AWD 6 speed to add to my fun. IPD customer for life."

6K5036 Reviewed by Kevin Woolliams from Surrey, BC"An upgrade that I should have done sooner. My V70 T5 feels smoother, safer, more stable and is definately more fun with these bars. Installed with HD endlinks, so some of the credit may go to them, but overall the combination of HD endlinks and anti-sway bars was well worth it."

850, 70 series (FWD) - 1993-2000 - 25mm front, 22mm rear
C70 - 1998-2005 - 25mm front, 22mm rear
70 series AWD including XC & R - 1998-2000 - 25mm front, 22mm rear
V70 (except AWD) - 2001-2007 - 25mm front, 22mm rear
S60 (except AWD) - 2001-2010 - 25mm front, 22mm rear
V70 AWD - 2001-2007 - 25mm front, 22mm rear(1)
S60 AWD - 2001-2010 - 25mm front, 22mm rear(1)
S60R (neutral balance kit) - 2004-2007 - 25mm rear
S60R (track spec. w/ slight oversteer) - 2004-2007 - 25mm front, 25mm rear
V70R (track spec. w/ slight oversteer) - 2004-2007 - 25mm front, 28mm rear
S40, V50 - 2004.5-2010 - 22mm rear bar
C30 - 2007-2010 - 22mm rear bar
C70 - 2006-2010 - 22mm rear bar
S80 (except AWD) - 1999-2006 - 25mm front, 22mm rear
XC90 2.5T, V6, V8 - 2003-2008 - 25mm front, 28mm rear
(1) Not for “R” models.NOTE: Upgrading the anti-sway bars on these models is a skill level 3 procedure. We generally recommend professional installation as it is necessary to lower the engine sub-frame and a vehicle lift makes the job easier than doing it on jack stands. Although the experienced do it yourselfer can accomplish the install, you should consult the installation instructions before attempting this job to be certain it is within your mechanical abilities.

ipd springs for 850 & 70 series models

Increase your vehicle handling and style with ipd’s new lowering sport coils. These coils are 20% firmer than stock and will lower your vehicle approx 1.6-1.7 inches providing a sportier stance and better ride control with both a firmer rate and lower center of gravity. Custom wound to our specifications our sport coils are designed to provide an optimal balance of performance and ride quality.
850, 70 series - 1993-2000 FWD only - set of 4
C70 coupe - 1998-2005 no convertible - set of 4

Eibach Springs

Eibach Pro-Kit springs utilize a dual rate progressive design to be as soft as possible while still being as firm as possible. The smooth, softer initial characteristic improves traction and provides comfortable cruising while the sportier and firmer final rate reduces body roll and is more responsive under cornering, braking and accelerating. Eibach springs will lower your car about 1.2”.
Prices are for sets of four - Front/Rear
850, S70 & V70 FWD only - 1993-2000 - 1.2 in /1.0 in
C70 - 1998-2005 - 0.8 in / 0.8 in
S40, V50, C70 - 2005-2011 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in
S60 FWD only - 2001-2009 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in

V70 FWD only - 2001-2007 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in

V70 AWD (not XC70 or R) - 2001-2007 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in

S60 AWD only - 2001-2009 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in
S60R - 2004-07 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in
S80 - 1999-2006 - 1.2 in / 1.2 in (2)

Rear Camber Kit for S60, S80, V70 and XC90 P2 AWD Models

ipd’s rear camber bushing allows you to adjust for excessive rear camber that can cause premature tire wear and poor braking performance. Typically, excessive negative rear camber occurs when lowering a vehicle via sport springs although some stock vehicles can also require adjustment. Since there is no factory provision for rear camber adjustment, ipd has developed an eccentric offset bushing that provides up to 1 degree of camber adjustment (negative or positive) to help correct your alignment problems. Not only will this alleviate poor tire wear, it can also restore lost braking performance by increasing the contact surface of the tire to the road. Be sure to have your vehicle aligned before installing these bushings so that you can have a baseline to adjust from. If it’s been more than 6 months since your alignment angles were checked, consider having them re-aligned. ipd strongly recommends professional installation to ensure the proper amount of adjustment is obtained.
Rear Camber Bushings - AWD and R models 2001-2007

ipd Front Camber Bolt KitWhether you've lowered your vehicle for added performance and handling or simply need to bring a worn out suspension back into line, Ipd's front camber kit can help you. Our experience has shown that in many cases the factory front camber adjustment is just not sufficient to bring the vehicle's alignment back into spec. Lowering a vehicle can throw camber angles off quite a bit and the need for a camber kit becomes self-evident.

Our kit includes new bolts with an eccentric on one of the bolt head to provide the adjustment. By opening up the upper holes in the mounting ears you can get enough movement to gain up to 2.0 degrees of camber. Installation is a breeze with the included instructions.

Designed with ease of installation and cost effectiveness in mind, our kit is a simple solution to a common problem. Compared to other kits on the market the IPD front camber kit is very cost effective as well. In fact, it’s close to a quarter the cost of the Volvo OEM kit!

P80 & P2 chassis front camber kit

Sale pricing valid from Saturday, July 16, 2011 through Friday, September 02, 2011

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