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The Passing Lane Newsletter - May 2011

Page 7: Shocks Shocks Shocks

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, June 02, 2011 through Friday, July 15, 2011

Shocks and Struts, Testing "The Old Bumper Test"

For years it was not uncommon for shops, dealers and car owners to attempt to test shock and strut condition by jumping up and down on the front or rear bumper and watching to see how long it took the car to stop moving. We even used this method up into the 1980s until we saw a shock test being performed by a Bilstein technician. We were surprised at how fast the shock tester cycled the shock. Have you ever watched a gallon of paint on a paint shaker at the hardware store? He said that it is not uncommon for a car cruising at 60 mph to see the suspension move 1 full inch in 1/1000th of a second. The bumper test might be able to tell you if your shocks are completely blown out, but it won't tell you if they are still working safely. If you are unsure about the condition of your shocks, have an experienced technician at your Volvo dealer or independent repair shop take your car for a quick test drive. This is the safest way to determine the condition.

Koni FSD Shocks

Koni’s Frequency Selective Dampening (FSD) shock is the latest technology from the shock company’s line-up of high performance shocks and struts. Unlike a conventional shock, Koni FSDs can dynamically change the shock valving, depending on the frequency of the impact and its severity. The compromise between comfort and handling is nearly gone.

In addition to the standard valving on the shock, a parallel valve can open and close in response to suspension movement. This additional valve provides the needed adjustment to keep the suspension soft on uneven road surfaces and firm on even road surfaces. No cables, wires, or valves to turn, FSDs adjust as needed. FSDs are sold in sets of four in order to keep the vehicle’s shock balance even front to rear. Combine with ipd safety anti-sway bars and you have the perfect balance between comfort and superior road holding.

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Bilstein Touring Shocks

Bilstein Touring Class replacement shocks and struts feature the same German engineering and quality as the world famous Bilstein monotube gas pressure shocks but in a new, competitively priced twin-tube design. These shocks and struts feature genuine Bilstein technology and quality, twin tube gas pressure design, and meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Great feedback on the Bilstein Touring Class shocks have helped make them a customer favorite for a nice ride.

Bilstein Heavy Duty

The choice for the truly discriminating driver, Bilstein HDs offer handling so superior, they're capable of damping wheel movement as small as 2mm. And that's smooth. 

Most stock shocks just don't have enough damping on compression and rebound. The result is mushy transitional performance, brake dive, choppy feel on expansion joint and in some cases, suspension crash through. 

Explaining how Bilstein HDs improve ride with increased damping is difficult. How can the ride be smoother and feel plusher if the shock is stiffer? A big part of improvement comes from Bilstein's patented digressive valving system that helps soak up initial shock loads before full damping is achieved. This takes off the edge of most impacts and completely changes the feel of the car. An unusually high number of customers have called back with praise of Bilsteins. One customer went so far as to say, "You guys are too subtle in your ads for these things, you've got to let people know that this is the fix!"

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Boge Replacement Shocks

If you’re looking for economical replacement shocks for your Volvo, these are the original shocks as supplied to Volvo at the factory. The front struts are the automatic style (2-year warranty), are computer tuned and individually tested to assure consistent quality. The rear shocks have a lifetime warranty. They offer an excellent balance between comfortable ride and road holding.

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, June 02, 2011 through Friday, July 15, 2011

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