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The Passing Lane Newsletter - March 2011

Page 7: ipd Air Management System, Mann and Mahle OEM Oil Filters, Oil Filter Housing, Oil Filter Torque Wrench

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, March 11, 2011 through Friday, May 06, 2011

ipd Air Management System

The ipd Air Management System (AMS) increases throttle response and provides a more aggressive intake growl under acceleration. Improved breathing capacity and lower intake air temperature results in greater horsepower and torque. A byproduct of our free flowing design is an addictive sound under full throttle and throttle lift (turbo woosh!!!) as the boosted air is redirected by the diverter valve.

ipd air management system - S60R V70R 2004-2007
Water repellent cover for K&N filter

Mann and Mahle OEM Oil Filters

We’ve discovered that OEM filters are manufactured by both Mahle and Mann, depending on the application. We carry what Volvo carries, so you can be sure that you’re getting OEM, whichever model you own. See descriptions below for details.

A. Screw-on Filters (Mann)
850 (all), 70 series Turbo (1998 only)
S70/V70/V70XC series non-Turbo, 1998-1999
Case of 10
B. Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mahle)
S70 Turbo 1999-2000
V70/V70XC series non-Turbo 2000
C70 1999-2004
S60 2001-2009
S40, V40 2000-2004
S80 all 1999-2006
S80 V8 2007-2010
XC90 5 cylinder 2003-2007
XC90 6 cylinder 2.9L 2003-2006
XC90 V8 2004-2008
Case of 10 filter cartridges
C. Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mann)
S40, V50 2005-2011, C70 2006-2011, C30 2007-2011
Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mann)

S60 2010-2011

V70/XC70 2008-2011 with 6 cylinder


S80 2007-2011 with 6 cylinder

XC90 2007-2010 with 3.2L 6 cylinder
Seal Rings for Drain Plugs
Aluminum seal ring (crush washer)
Note: Volvo states that the drain plug crush washer should be replaced at every oil change.

Oil Filter Housing

Generally the cartridge housing does not require replacement, however if it becomes cross threaded it can become difficult to install correctly which can lead to leaks. Also, it is not uncommon for the filter to be over tightened be a well meaning technician. As the engine heat cycles through use, the filter housing tightens up further, often leading to very difficult removal wherein some cases the housing will become damaged or stripped during removal. This is when you need a new housing. We’ve also heard that the housing can become brittle as it ages (60,000+ miles.)

Volvo is a little unclear on when the cartridge style housing was first introduced. We believe 1999 Turbo models had the new cartridge style and 1999 non-turbo models still had the older spin on style. All models 2000 and newer have the cartridge style filter.

The O-ring on the housing should be replaced at every filter service and is included with the filter.

Replacement Plastic Oil Filter Housing* - Fits all models that use 1275811 oil filter.
$21.84112947VOLVO OE

*Includes new 1275811 filter

Oil Filter Cap Wrench & Filter Kit

Having the right tool makes all the difference and keeps the simple jobs simple. Starting in 1999 Volvo switched to a paper cartridge style oil filter that is encased in a plastic housing. Commonly this housing gets damaged or stripped from use of a strap style or clamp style wrench, making oil changes a hassle. We offer the right tool at a reasonable price that is perfect for this job and will keep the job simple in the future.

The stamped steel tool is for the average do it yourselfer who's doing an oil change four or five times a year, but if you are a mechanic or work on your friends and families cars, you should probably get the heavy duty versions.

HD Oil filter cap wrench
All models that use oil filter 1275811
All models that use oil filter 1275811
$40.03113469VOLVO OE
All models that use oil filter 1275811
All models that use oil filter 8692305 & 30750013
HD Oil filter cap wrench and filter kit

Oil Filter Torque Wrench

Torque Limiting ratchet that prevents over tightening and damaging of plastic oil filter cartridge housings. The ratchet limits torque to 25 Nm (18 ft.lb.) and produces a clicking action when the correct torque is achieved (tighten until ratchet clicks.)

The ratchet is not torque limited in counter-clockwise direction so it can be used to loosen an over-tightened housing. This wrench is perfect to use with our T261 oil filter cartridge cap wrench.

Please note that this wrench is only for models with plastic oil filter housings.

Oil filter torque wrench

Sale pricing valid from Friday, March 11, 2011 through Friday, May 06, 2011

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