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Front Wheel Drive/All Wheel Drive Mailer - February 2011

Page 7: HD Ignition Coil, ipd Spark Plug Wires, ipd Performance Coil Kit, HD Turbo Control Valve

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, February 11, 2011 through Monday, April 11, 2011

HD Ignition Coils

Ipd's HD ignition coils are a direct replacement for weak or failing factory coils. With a 20% larger secondary winding and spiral wound primary winding, Ipd HD Coils outperform both stock and replacement coils. Specifically designed for longevity and consistent performance our HD Coils are perfect for higher than stock performance levels or as a long life replacement part in otherwise stock vehicles.

Click your model for specific fitment applications: S70/V70 1998-2000, V70/XC70 2001-2007, S60, S80, XC90, C70
HD Ignition Coils

ipd Spark Plug Wires

Our custom spark plug wires are made with a high quality 8mm silicone jacket and feature a spiral wound core for maximum electrical efficiency. Each wire set is custom designed for each application covering over 40 years of Volvo models. Engineered to meet and surpass OEM quality. Each wire set includes spark plug and coil wires as well as dielectric grease used on the plug boots for easy removal at tune-up time.

S40, V40 4cyl - 1999-2004
850, 70 series 5 cyl - 1993-1998

ipd Performance Coil Kit

ipd’s performance ignition coil restores lost power from the old factory ignition coil and provides increased performance for highly tuned setups like our stage III kit. Our kit mounts the coil on rubber isolators to reduce engine vibration and it’s also designed to work with the ipd short ram intake which insulates the coil from high engine temps by locating it within the area where cool air enters the intake. ipd performance coil kit fits both turbo and non turbo 850 and 70 series models from 1993-1998 and takes approximately 30 minutes to install. Includes MSD coil, ipd 8mm silicone coil wire, mounting bracket, fasteners and instructions to provide a clean, simple installation.
850 and 70 series - 1993-1998

HD Turbo Control Valve

ipd’s new precision turbo control valve provides rock solid boost control and high accuracy restoring power from failing solenoids that are slow and sluggish. Slow spool time and fading boost pressure is common with weak factory solenoids and can rob you of power you didn’t know you even lost. Designed to handle high heat, high pressure, and tough environments Ipd’s new turbo control valve was built with longevity in mind. With crisp actuation and precise control you’ll regain lost power from poorly operating stock units. Direct fit, typically installs in under 10 minutes with no modifications required. Fits all turbo models 1994-2008.
A. all turbo models - 1998-2008
B. all turbo models - S40, V50, C30, V40, C70(2006-2010)
Blue Silicone hose*
*We recommend 7 feet to do all three turbo control valve hoses.

Sale pricing valid from Friday, February 11, 2011 through Monday, April 11, 2011

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