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Rear Wheel Drive - February 2011

Page 4: Timing Belts and Kits, Valve Shim Release Tool, Boost Actuator

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, February 11, 2011 through Monday, April 11, 2011

Timing Belts and Kits

If you don’t know the age or condition of the timing belt on your Volvo and it isn’t noted in your records, you should consider replacing it. Record the date and miles somewhere under the hood for future reference.

The cost of not replacing your timing belt might surprise you. There’s the inconvenience of an unexpected stop that leaves you and your Volvo cold. There’s the cost of towing, and, if you’re not near home, the unknown shop repair costs. Volvo recommends replacement every 50K miles.

Also, remember that the timing belt won’t do its job if it’s not tight. Be sure that your tensioner spins freely without bearing noise or replace it with a new one. Normal replacement is at 100K miles or when the second replacement belt is installed.

A. Timing belt for 4 cylinder engines - 1976-92*
Timing belt for 4 cylinder engines - 1993-95*
Belt with seals - 1976-92
Timing belt with seals - 1993-95
B. Tensioner for 4 cylinder - 1976-95
B. Tensioner for 4 cylinder - 1976-95
Timing belt with tensioner - 1976-92
Timing belt, tensioner, instructional DVD - 1976-92
Timing belt installation DVD - 1976-92
*Except 16 valve (B234F)

Valve Shim Release Tool

ipd’s valve shim release tool is now available for your B21, B23 and B230 engines. This tool had disappeared for a while but we’ve gone into manufacturing of our own version and now you can get your valves adjusted once again! Pair this with our valve shim kit and you can get your valves set properly whether it’s just time for regular service or if you’re upgrading the performance of your engine with a new camshaft. Don’t forget the valve cover gasket to keep that top end sealed tight!

Valve Compressor Tool - B21, B23 and B230 engines

ipd Performance Boost Actuator

The Garret Turbos use a straight shaft actuator(left) while the Mitsubishi Turbos use an angled shaft actuator(right). We only carry the actuator for the Garret Turbos so please check which turbo your car uses before ordering.

ipd performance boost actuator endows the factory turbo with a more solid boost response while ensuring boost is maintained at a preset level, resulting in increased torque and hp. Where the factory actuator drops boost as the revs rise, the ipd actuator delivers constant boost all the way to redline. An extremely safe, reliable and effective means of raising your boost level. Fits Garrett series turbos for 200/700/900 intercooled models.

All 240 Turbo's are Garret. You'll need to check your 700 and 900 series model.

ipd Perfomance Boost acutator for Garret turbos only

Sale pricing valid from Friday, February 11, 2011 through Monday, April 11, 2011

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