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The Brick Newsletter - January 2011

Page 5: Bushings Bushings Bushings

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, January 05, 2010 through Sunday, February 28, 2010

700, 940 Series Suspension Bushings

Bushings in the 700/900 series cars serve the same purpose as in the 200 series. Common symptoms are the same and like in the 200 series, you’ll be amazed at the change in ride quality after replacing tired and worn out bushings. The 700 and 900 series suspension set-ups are slightly different and the bushings are different as well. On these cars you can replace the strut rod bushings and the front sway bar bushings without the use of a hydraulic press but the rest require one, if not additional Volvo specific tools. When replacing these bushings consider upgrading to ipd polyurethane bushings where applicable. These provide a slightly “tighter” feel than replacement rubber ones and will give you a noticeably longer service life.

700 Series Bushings

900 Series Bushings

200 Series Suspension Bushings

If your Volvo doesn’t track straight down the road and you’ve had difficulty getting the front end properly aligned, the suspension bushings may be worn or broken. Clunking sounds when driving on rough or graveled roads or squeaking noises over railroad tracks or intersections are also key indicators of bushing problems. Front-end shakes, clunks and squeals come from excessive play in worn bushings and can cause misalignment and dangerous handling when driving. It is also terribly hard on your tires. Take a quick look; you’ll be able to tell if the problem is bushing deterioration or another problem. If it’s bushings, you’ll see cracks in the edges of the rubber. If you’re unfamiliar with how your Volvo’s suspension works and what to look for, make an appointment to have it inspected by your local Volvo specialist, or give us a call, as our staff is well trained in diagnosing Volvo suspension problems. We’ll be glad to steer you in the right direction.

200 Series Bushings

Why Polyurethane? (aka Poly)

We first began using polyurethane in our anti sway bar bushings about 20 years ago as it had many superior qualities over rubber sway bar bushings. The main advantages of poly is that it can be made quite a bit firmer than rubber and poly has a high resistance to oil contamination, unlike rubber, which quickly deteriorates when it comes into contact with oil.

Over the years we have developed ipd Polyurethane engine mounts, transmission mounts and suspension bushings help control drive train flex exaggerated by tired rubber mounts. Ipd polyurethane engine mounts, transmission mounts and suspension bushings also reduce chatter, missed shifts or harsh shifting and improve overall throttle response. In extreme cases, worn rubber bushings can allow enough movement in the power train or suspension to cause serious damage to other critical and expensive parts and worn suspension bushings can lead to serious alignment and handling issues.

Polyurethane is an ideal material for performance suspension bushings, engine and transmission mounts. Rubber mounts and suspension bushings are still commonly used by vehicle manufacturers as they do provide a good compromise between comfort and durability, but in many applications, especially where performance is concerned polyurethane is a superior choice that improves performance as well as longevity.

Increased horsepower, larger wheel and tire packages, stiffer performance shocks and lowered suspension mixed with grit and grime push rubber bushings beyond design limits. Polyurethane bushings are firm enough to control movement and maintain alignment in sway bars, control arms, and other stressed suspension and engine components with much less harshness or resonance associated with solid metal or nylon bushings.

If you are modifying or maintaining your daily driven Volvo or restoring a vintage Volvo, Ipd performance polyurethane upgrades are the best bet for your project.

Polyurethane Front Strut Rod Bushings

700 and 900 series models suffer from an inherent front suspension problem related to the cone-shaped control arm stay bushings. As the bushing weakens, it allows the lower strut assembly and wheel to move a considerable amount, altering the front-end alignment. This allows the strut assembly to shudder under brake loads and decreases handling stability.

Over the years, we’ve experimented with several different polyurethane formulations in this bushing and have developed a good replacement that improves the performance and life expectancy without adding undue harshness or vibration.

Our kit includes everything you need to put an end to the problem and provide improved response to steering and brake inputs.

700 (all), 940 (up to 1995), 960 (up to 1994) series - polyurethane strut rod bushings
Replacement Endlink Assemblies
A. 700 series - bolt for bottom bushing is horizontal
B. 700 series - bolt for bottom bushing is vertical
A. 200 series - endlink with bushing

200 Series Front Sway Bar Bushing Kits in HD Poly (for use on stock sway bars)
Non-turbo - 1979-93 HD poly for stock front sway bar (19.75mm/.778”)
Turbo - 1981-85 poly for stock front sway bar (23mm/.90”)
200 Series Rear Bushing Kits
1975-81 - includes 10 bushings

1975-81 - HD poly kit includes 10 pcs*

1975-93 - panhard rod poly bushing kit:2pcs

1982-93 - includes 10 bushings

1982-93 - HD poly kit includes 10 bushings*

*Includes DVD installation guide PI-328DVD. Sold separately for $19.95.

700, 940 Series Front Bushing Kits
1983-95 - rubber 8 pcs

1983-95 - (4 poly, 4 rubber) 8 pcs (1)

1983-95 - rubber 4 pcs (2)

1983-95 - poly 4 pcs (3)

(1) Full kit with polyurethane bushings for strut rods.

(2) Subkit contains strut rod bushings and washers only (the most common failure).

(3) Poly subkit contains polyurethane front strut rod bushings.

Rear 740, 760, 940 Series Suspension Bushing Kits (not IRS)
1983-95 - (all rubber) 8 pcs*

*Not for models with independent rear suspension. Call for details. This kit fits 760 sedans (1983-87), 760 wagons (all), 740 sedans and wagons (all), and 940 (all) except for SE models.

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, January 05, 2010 through Sunday, February 28, 2010

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