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The Passing Lane Newsletter - September 2010

Page 5: Spark Plugs - 100,000 Miles?, Plugs: Bosch, Denso Iridium, OEM

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Spark Plugs -- 100,000 Miles?

For most 850 and 70 series models Volvo recommends that the plugs be changed at 30,000 miles or 15,000 if the car is driven primarily in the city. Some spark plug manufacturers claim plug life as long as 60-100,000 miles (avoid these). We have found that the turbocharged models are especially sensitive to plug quality and life.

If you are having problems with recurring check engine lamps that result in mis-fire codes, most likely the plugs are in need of changing. There are other causes of mis-fire codes, but worn plugs are most often the cause. We have also found that conventional copper core plugs perform better in some turbocharged models when compared to platinum tipped plugs . Use Bosch or NGK for best results and keep them fresh with annual replacement or at 15,000 mile intervals, whichever comes first. The high-powered ignition system in your Volvo can spark just about anything, but to maintain top performance, quick starting and low emissions, keep the spark plugs fresh.

Bosch Super Copper Core Plugs

Heavy-duty copper core center electrode delivers superior durability and reliability. Nickel chromium ground electrode means consistent performance and prolonged

service life. Nickel-plated rolled threads mean complete anti-seize and corrosion protection. Metal glass-fused center electrode seal prevents combustion leakage. Angular, five-ribbed insulator design prevents misfire due to current leakage.

850|S70|C70 1998-2005 |V70 1998-2000 |V70 2001-2007|S60|S80 1999-2006|XC90|S40 2000-2004 |S40 2004.5+|V50|C30 |C70 2006-2008

Bosch Platinum Plugs

Only Bosch uses a pure platinum center electrode, heat-fused into an extended insulator which reaches self-cleaning temperature only seconds after starting.

Electrode gap remains virtually unchanged throughout the plug’s longer service life; no need to clean or re-gap. Heavy-duty tapered ground electrode means extended service life, reduced electrode temperature, and improved access to air/fuel mixture. Lower ignition voltage requirement vs. other plug designs delivers reliable cold weather starts and superior operation under all driving conditions.

850|S70|C70 1998-2005 |V70 1998-2000 |V70 2001-2007|S60|S80 1999-2006|XC90|S40 2000-2004 |S40 2004.5+|V50|C30 |C70 2006-2008

Denso Iridium Spark Plugs

Denso Iridium plugs are serious power and performance for even the most serious of performance minded customers. Pure Iridium has a melting point of almost

700ºC higher than platinum and better withstands overheating, detonation, and oxidation wear. Denso Iridium plugs are combined with Rhodium for superior heat resistance and response. With high power and high heat turbo engines, you need all the help you can battling heat and detonation. Bring in a ringer with Denso Iridium plugs.

850|S70|C70 1998-2005 |V70 1998-2000 |V70 2001-2007|S60|S80 1999-2006|XC90|S40 2000-2004 |S40 2004.5+|V50|C30 |C70 2006-2008

Volvo OEM Spark Plug Sets

ipd now offers Volvo OEM spark plug sets for your Volvo. Volvo plug kits offer premium quality at a reasonable price. Volvo uses NGK Iridium, Bosch Yttrium and Denso multiple electrode copper plugs that are specifically engineered for each Volvo application. Volvo plugs are packaged as sets and come pre-gapped from the factory.

850|S70|C70 1998-2005|C70 3006-2010|V70 1998-2000|V70 2001-2007|V70 2008-2010|S60|S80 1999-2006|S80 2007-2010|XC90|S40 2000-2004|S40 2004.5+|V50|C30|C70 1998-2005|C70 2006-2010

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, September 28, 2010 through Monday, November 08, 2010

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