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The Brick Newsletter September 2010

Page 6: Mass Air Flow Sensors and Cleaner, Oxygen Sensors, Oxygen Sensor Wrench

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Oxygen Sensor Testing

The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen content of the exhaust and relays this information to the electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU can then make changes in the fuel mixture to improve exhaust emissions and drivability.

The sensor produces a small voltage based on the oxygen content in the exhaust relative to the outside air. When the mixture is lean the oxygen content is high and the voltage is low. When the mixture is rich, the voltage is higher. The voltage can be measured with a voltmeter capable of measuring with a minimum of 10 mega ohms impedance. Do not use a meter with less, as it may damage the ECU.

Connect the positive test lead to the oxygen sensor and the negative lead to ground. Start the car and warm it up to operating temperature (the oxygen sensor does not work until the temperature reaches 600 degrees).

Note: Leave the oxygen sensor connected, and probe through the rear of the connector when connecting the volt meter.

At idle the oxygen sensor should be between .04 and 1.0 volts. The voltage should fluctuate. This indicates that the sensor is working. If it’s steady or there’s no voltage, the sensor is probably bad. Another, less accurate, test is to simply disconnect the sensor when the car is running; if the idle fluctuates after about 30 seconds, plug it in again and the engine should fluctuate again until it smoothes out the idle. If no change occurs, then the sensor is probably bad.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Air Mass Meters play a vital role maintaining fuel economy. Faulty Air Mass Meters cause the ECU to default to a “safe map” which generally means your car is going to run horribly bad due to the excess fuel being funneled through your Volvo’s injection system. The Air Mass Meter depends on a few significant parts to ensure a longer operating life span. Volvo’s use a thermostat in the air filter box that controls a “hot/cold flapper valve” allowing hot air to flow through the intake to speed up emissions, especially on colder mornings. If the air box thermostat fails, the flapper valve in air box generally fails in the open position, allowing the pre-heat hose off the exhaust manifold, routing hot air through the intake system past the air mass meter. Electrical components don’t like excessive heat. The constant heat running past the Air Mass Meter will eventually cause the circuit board to crack, leaving the soldering board deteriorated and not able to function. IPD has many solutions in replacing and maintaining your Volvos Air Mass Meter.
Mass Air Flow Sensor - Aluminum Housing - 1983-1984 LH 2.1
Mass Air Flow Sensor - Black plastic housing - 1985-1988 LH 2.2
Mass Air Flow Sensor - Black plastic housing, 6 pin connector - 1989-1993 LH 2.4

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is the safe and effective alternative to “underground” methods of MAF sensor cleaning. Don’t use aggressive chemicals like brake parts cleaners or carburetor cleaners on MAF sensors. These can cause serious damage to sensitive parts. Use CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner -- It’s the right product for the job! It safely and easily cleans the MAF hotwires and electrical components without damage to the wires or plastic housing. Cleaning is simple, safe and fast. The whole job should take less than 10 minutes! Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner benefits and features:

  • Safely cleans and protects MAF Sensors Plastic-safe and leaves no residue
  • Increases horsepower Decreases hesitation and pinging
  • Improves fuel economy and MPG
  • Reduces rough idle

Use every time you clean or change your air filter.

Air mass meter cleaner for all 1982-1993 models
Ground shipping only for this product

Lambda/Oxygen Sensors Reduce Emissions

An oxygen sensor allows your engine to run as smoothly as possible, because it measures the exhaust gases and relays information to the fuel system control unit. With this information, the control unit can fine-tune the fuel mixture for optimum fuel economy and power. A dead oxygen sensor can also lead to significant idle and performance problems.

All models (universal fit) single wire 1977-84
All models (universal fit) 3-wire 1985-93
240 series w/single wire B21F, B23F 1982-84
240 series B21FT 1981-85
240 series B230F 1988-93
200, 700 series B230F 1985-87
700 series B230FT 1985-89
700, 900 series B230F, B234F 1988-93
260, 760 series V6 1980-86
700, 940 series turbo B230FT 1990-93
940 series non-turbo B230 1994-95

Oxygen Sensor Wrench

Replacing the oxygen sensor on your Volvo can be a real pain. Since it is installed directly in the head pipe or exhaust manifold, it will usually be severely rusted or corroded in place. The main sensor wires come right out of the center of the sensor, so it is not possible to use a standard socket over the sensor. Our oxygen sensor tool has slots machined in it that allow you to slide it over the wires and onto the sensor for secure removal and installation. Our new high leverage long handle oxygen sensor wrench has a flex-head joint and a bent handle which gives you several different positions to attack that hard to reach sensor.
Oxygen Sensor Wrench
$22.95113823GREAT NECK

Sale pricing valid from Monday, October 04, 2010 through Monday, November 15, 2010

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