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The Passing Lane Newsletter - August 2010

Page 8: Softloader, NEW ipd R Style Boost Gauge and Pod Kit, 25 PSI Boost Gauge Pod Kit, 3 Gauge A Pillar Pod

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, August 23, 2010 through Friday, October 08, 2010

ipd Softloader - 1999-2010 models

It is generally agreed by the Volvo performance community that our software tuning, co-developed with our Swedish tuning partners at MTE, is the best in the business. When it comes to power under the curve, there is no comparison. Our upgrades simply outperform the competition. A smooth, linear power delivery provides maximum torque within safe limits. Our direct flash tuning method had one drawback, it required our customers to send their ECU to us for upgrading, which put their car out of commission for 2-3 days and also added $150 to $200 in overnight shipping fees to the upgrade cost. We wanted to provide a solution that allowed our customers to experience the superior performance of our upgrade without the inconvenience and additional cost of sending their ECU to us. So began the quest to develop the solution that we are ready to release for sale.

The basic details are as follows:

  • Our Softloader hardware allows you to flash our software upgrades directly into your car using the OBD II diagnostic port for access in about 10-15 minutes.
  • Requires a USB equipped laptop or PC running Windows 98 to XP (not yet Vista ready). The Softloader upgrade comes supplied with cables that connect with a USB adapter on one end and OBD II on the other.
  • The hardware can be used on multiple cars, so you¹ll only need to purchase the software to upgrade another car after the initial purchase.
  • The first step of the upgrade process is to use the software and hardware to read the details from your car and then forward those files to us so we can provide you with calibrations developed specifically for your car.

Once we receive data from your car, we can usually provide 3-4 day turn around on the creation of the performance calibrations specific to your model, and return these back to you via e-mail to be loaded into your Volvo¹s ECU. We could bypass this step and provide a more generic tune for the base engine family, but our testing has proven that our wide scope calibration method provides the ultimate in long-term, trouble free performance. We have also developed fully functional scan tool software that allows you to read and reset check engine codes as well as providing access to other diagnostic information from the ABS system, the climate control system, safety systems etc. We also developed data logging software that allows you to select from multiple OBD II monitored inputs and enhanced outputs such as boost, intake charge temp, ignition angle, knock sensor activity, etc that standard OBD scanners can not access. These inputs can be displayed in real time or recorded to a file for later playback. For additional information including our online videos showing the upgrade process from start to finish visit https://www.ipdusa.com/blog-37

Softloader for 1999-2010 Turbo Models (excluding 1999-2004 SV40/V40)
ipd Softloader with performance,
scan tool diagnostics and data logging software

NEW ipd R Style Boost Gauge and Pod Kit

Ipd’s boost gauge and pod kit allows you to cleanly install an accurate turbo gauge in your S60, V70, S80 or XC90. An accurate boost gauge can provide important information relating to turbo and engine performance.

The ergonomic dashboards in these cars make it difficult to add auxiliary instrumentation. Our exclusive dash mounting pod allows the clean mounting of a gauge next to the driver’s A-pillar. (The A-pillar is the part of the body that separates the windshield from the side glass.)

The illuminated 52mm vacuum boost gauge functions well within the operating range of these models. Gauge reads from 30 inches of vacuum to 25 PSI of boost. Installation hardware is included with gauge pod. Ipd’s R gauge is a great match to the factory R models produced from 2004-2007

Boost gauge and pod kit - R models
Boost gauge 52mm / 2-1/8" - R models
Pod 52mm / 2-1/8", most common gauge size - R models
Pod 60mm - R models

25 PSI Boost Gauge & Pod 
for the Performance Enthusiast

Adding an accurate boost gauge to your Volvo is the best way to monitor turbo performance and the effect of tuning on boost levels. The VDO vacuum-boost gauge offers a 25 psi max boost level, and easily mounts in our A-pillar pod mounts.

VDO boost gauge only
Tubing kit (required for proper installation)
850 pod only
850 pod kit
70 series pod only
70 series pod kit

3-Gauge A Pillar Pod

Like to know what’s going on under the hood? Keep any eye on boost pressure, oil temp, trans temp, coolant temp, air fuel ratio, exhaust gas temp or just about anything you would want to monitor and can find a standard 52mm (2-1/16”) gauge to fit. Custom molded 3-gauge pod comes in black ABS finish or painted Tan or Gray and is easy to install with included hardware.

A-Pillar Mount 3-Gauge Pod for 850, S70, V70 Series (1993-2000)
A-pillar mount 3 gauge pod - black
A-pillar mount 3 gauge pod - tan
A-pillar mount 3 gauge pod - gray

Sale pricing valid from Monday, August 23, 2010 through Friday, October 08, 2010

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