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The Brick Newsletter June 2010

Page 5: Nivomat Conversion, Strut Mounts, Tie Rods

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, July 01, 2010 through Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nivomat Conversion

Saggy Rear End?

All 760 models, 780 and 940 SE sedans 1983 to 1994 are equipped with a self leveling independent rear suspension known as the Nivomat system. This system uses a special shock and spring combination to maintain ride height even when the car is fully loaded. When the shocks fail, the rear of the car will begin to sag noticeably even when it is unloaded. Nivomat shocks are over $390 each from the dealer, so we have developed this economical kit that converts the rear suspension to a conventional shock-and-spring set-up.

Our conversion kit with specially modified shocks and custom springs is less than the cost of a single Nivomat from your dealer and our kits will provide better handling and ride quality. These shocks also have a lifetime warranty compared with only one year on Nivomats purchased from your dealer. Kits include two specially built shocks and springs for mounting in the stock locations with no need for modification. Professional installation recommended as the springs in the independent rear suspension can be difficult to remove. This kit could save you over $500.00 compared with the cost of two new Nivomat shocks from your dealer.

-Nivomat rear shocks are automatic self leveling and used on the models below.-

Nivomat conversion kits for independant rear suspension models

760 sedans, 780, and 940 SE sedans - 1988-94 - w/Boge Turbo Gas shocks
$399.95109631SACHS (BOGE)

760 sedans, 780, and 940 SE sedans - 1988-94 - w/Bilstein Touring shocks

760 sedans, 780, and 940 SE sedans - 1988-94 - w/Bilstein HD shocks

Nivomat converstion kits for solid Axle models

764 sedan (1983-87), 780 (1987 only) - - w/Boge Turbo Gas shocks
$247.90109628SACHS (BOGE)

765, 965 wagon - 1985-94 - w/Boge Turbo Gas shocks
$249.95109629SACHS (BOGE)

Nivomat shock replacement

764, 780 sedans - 1983-87 - Boge Nivomats
$249.95100218SACHS (BOGE)

765, 965 wagons - 1985-94 - Boge Nivomats
$249.95100218SACHS (BOGE)

764, 780, 944SE, 964 sedans - 1988-94 - Boge Nivomats
$314.65101908SACHS (BOGE)

Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints and Steering Rack Boots

Tie rods and ball joints are an oft-overlooked piece of the suspension puzzle. Like all other suspension pieces though, they are subject to wear. Whenever you’ve got a wheel off, make a point to inspect them. Inspect the boots on the ball joints and tie rod ends for any signs of cracking or leaking. Also check for any excessive play in any of the components. If you’re noticing the steering acting up or not doing what you just told the steering wheel to do, it may be time to replace these pieces. Timely replacement will save more costly damages done to your vehicle if a tie rod or ball joint fails in service.

200 series - 1979-93 - boot kit for cam rack (small outlet)

200 series - 1975-78 - boot kit for p/s rack (small outlet)

200 series - 1979-93 - boot kit for ZF rack (large outlet)

200 series - 1975-93 - tie rod end

200 series - 1979-87 - CAM inner tie rod (female end)

200 series - 1988-93 - CAM inner tie rod (male end)

200 series - 1979-93 - ZF inner tie rod (male threads)

200 series - 1975-93 - left & right lower ball joint, manual rack

200 series - 1975-93 - left ball joint driver side, PWR. steering

200 series - 1975-93 - right ball joint, PWR. steering

700, 940 series - 1983-95 - lower ball joint

700 series - 1983-92 - tie rod end

700 series - 1983-88 - inner tie rod (TRW or CAM)

700 series - 1983-92 - ZF inner/outer tie rod assembly

700 series - 1983-91 - steering rack boot kit

Upper Strut Reinforcement Plates

The early “GT” models had upper and lower chassis braces from the factory and beefy strut reinforcement plates that helped the stock strut towers safely absorb additional stress. These plates also work well to shore up a tower that may have a bit of corrosion. Plates mount between the body and upper strut bushing. Easily installed when adding springs or replacing struts.

200 series - 1975-93 - upper strut plates

Upper Strut Mounts

If you hear creaking, groaning or knocking from the front of your Volvo when turning sharply, it could mean the upper strut mounts and bearings are in need of replacement.

200 series - 1975-93 - upper strut mount

700, 900 series - 1985-94 - upper strut mount

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, July 01, 2010 through Saturday, August 21, 2010

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