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The Brick Newsletter June 2010

Page 3: Sway Bars, Springs

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, July 01, 2010 through Saturday, August 21, 2010

ipd Anti-Sway Bar Kits

Even after 42 years of sway bar manufacturing we still find ourselves amazed at how much a set of sway bars can change the handling of the cars we love. It's not just the flatter cornering, better control, and increased nimbleness in avoidance maneuvers but also how sway bars don't upset the overall ride quality when it comes to bumps, potholes and uneven road surfaces.

For the money there's really no better upgrade in our opinion. Some folks may prefer lower springs or performance shocks before the addition of sway bars and while these components certainly contribute to improved handling they can also firm up the ride to a point where daily driving isn't quite as supple as it used to be. Of course this is subjective as one persons harsh is the next persons soft so lowering springs and shocks are definitely more individual specific when it comes time to select what's best for you. We think that's why sway bars are such a great upgrade, no matter you're driving conditions or how firm or compliant you like your ride, sway bars are an easy upgrade.

A side note to the reduced body roll that sway bars offer is the better driver positioning that comes from a flatter car and less driver shifting in the seat as the car leans. You might not thing about how much you get pushed around in your seat as you corner but once a set of sway bars has been installed you'll be surprised how much easier and more enjoyable driving is when you aren't fighting a rolling car!

All Ipd sway bars are made from the highest quality 4140 chromoly steel for long life and consistent performance. Some manufacturers use lower quality mild steel with inconsistent spring rates which can be susceptible to breakage and less roll control. Not all sway bars are created equal even when they are the same diameter. Trust in over 40 years of suspension experience with Ipd's safety anti sway bars.

From: Matt in Albany, OR"This upgrade is the best thing you can do for your brick! These especially aided in my lowered 242 turbo. If your car is lowered, i would HIGHLY recommend getting the 25mm(1in) sway bars and Bilstein struts. There was a night and day difference in handling and much more confidence. GET UM!!!!"From: Jered from Redding, CA"Holy cow! I absolutely love my ipd swaybars, on every volvo i ever own ipd bars will be the first upgrade. Dont ask yourself if you should, do yourself a favor and just buy them!!!!"

240 sedans - 1977-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear
245 wagons - 1979-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear
240 GT, Turbo & lowered - All - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/4 cylinder non-Turbo - 1983-86 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/6 cylinder, non-Turbo - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/ 4 cyl. - 1987-93 (turbo ‘83-91) - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 wagons - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 wagons w/ 4 cyl. & Turbo - 1988-92 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
940 sedans w/ 4 cyl. (not for SE models) - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
940 wagons w/ 4 cyl. - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
960 wagons - 1992-94 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

Sport Springs by ipd

Over the last several years we’ve been hearing from our customers that our TME sport springs, or lowering coils as they’re sometimes called, still left the car a little higher and a tad softer than what they were after. Many customers even cut our sport springs to achieve the stance they wanted. Based on that feedback we’re now happy to carry our new ipd sport springs. With specific applications for sedans and wagons we’ve designed the front springs to be 3/8” lower in the front than the TME springs and changed the spring rate to about 5% stiffer than the TME springs. The result is a drop of about 1.75” in the front and 1.25” in the rear, giving your Volvo a more aggressive stance. The lowered center of gravity and increased spring rate work together to tighten your ride, improve handling and reduce body lean in the corners. Combine our springs with a set of our ipd anti-sway bars and your suspension is ready to handle whatever the pavement throws your way!

200 series sedan - 1975-93

200 series wagon - 1975-93

700 series wagon - 1983-95

700 series wagon - 1983-95

Rear Overload Springs

Talk about a 240 that needs overload coils!

Travel is dangerous enough without sagging or overloaded rear springs. ipd overload springs keep you riding level. They’re 20% stiffer than stock springs and they help maintain the original ride height (can raise some cars as much as 1/2”). The design assures a good ride, even when your Volvo is free of cargo. Safely increase load capacity by 300 pounds. Our overloads are commonly used as replacements for worn or sagging stock springs. Many owners that have made the upgrade report significant handling improvements. Prices are for a pair of springs.

200 sedans - 1975-93

200 wagons - 1975-93

700, 940 wagons - 1983-95*

*760 series require rear shock update. Not available for 1988-90 760, 940SE and 780 sedans.

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, July 01, 2010 through Saturday, August 21, 2010

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