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The Brick Newsletter June 2010

Page 2: Davis Meet. Cameron Saga Continued

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VCOA Davis Meet 2010

by Cameron Daline - ipd customer service representative

Volvos lined up at the annual VCOA show in Davis, CA
Teaching the intricacies of Volvo turbo motors to the future Volvo lover.
Just one of the many beautiful Volvos that show up at the Davis show each year

One event in the Volvo world I look forward to each year is the Davis show. For the last 12 years the Golden Gate chapter of the VCOA puts on the show at central park in Davis, CA just outside Sacramento. The open nature of the show (anyone is welcome to show their car) always guarantees great variety and breadth of models. Everything from Duetts to fully prepped rally Volvos to showroom condition Volvos are typical of the Davis show. This year my family and I made the trek down in the newest Volvo in our stable – a 2004 XC70. We hadn’t taken this Volvo out on a long trip yet so I was excited to see how she’d do on the open road. The fact that the first road trip in this newest edition was to my favorite Volvo show made it all the better. The Friday before the show I gave her an oil change and a new set of spark plugs. With the new Yakima roof rack setup and Yokohama Geolander tires I’d recently had installed, she even looked the part. With the car ready, we headed south to Davis. The Davis meet always attracts a great crowd of Volvo Nuts from all up and down the west coast as well, so it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and also put faces to some familiar names. It’s always fun to talk Volvo but it’s even better when folks from all over California, Oregon & Washington are there to join in! I’m also happy to report that my 1 year old son thoroughly enjoyed his first Volvo show (of many I’m sure). Check out below for some pictures I snapped from the trip and the show! For info on next year’s meet, and info on the Golden Gate chapter of the VCOA, check out their website at http://www.ggvcoa.org/

Cameron’s 16vT Motor Saga Continues

It’s been an exciting couple months with my 16vT wagon since the last update. As the items from the TO DO checklist started falling off the excitement of starting the engine for the first time started building. I finished up the wiring harness for the LINK G3 engine management system and wired in separate relays for each of the main power systems for it: power to the unit, power for the fuel injectors and power for the ignition coils. Once that was done I powered it all up and started doing some testing. Everything clicked on fine and showed signal to everything. Then it was time to start setting up the fuel settings and timing curves in the LINK software. Luckily the software is really easy to use and setting up basic maps to get the car running weren’t too difficult. With that big item off the list I moved onto the other items that needed completing. One of the bigger ones was an exhaust system. For that it was towed over to the R-Sport shop where they custom fabricated me a 3” stainless steel turbo back exhaust – it came out great!

As mentioned in a previous write-up, I built the ignition system to use an individual coil on plug system. It’s a distributorless system very similar to all modern Volvos. The coils I used are actually from a late model Toyota. They just happen to be the correct size and height to work with my B234 16v head. After wiring them into the LINK system I was able to test each of them via the LINK software. Each tested fine, which meant the ignition system was now complete and functional.

The next week or so after that was spent pouring over all my previous work triple and quadruple checking everything. Once I was satisfied it was ready, it was time to start it. Chris & Andrew from here at iPd came over after work to lend a hand and see it come to life. I powered everything up and heard the fuel pumps come to life, saw the dash lights all come on and connected the laptop up to the LINK and verified communication. It was time. A turn of the key and the starter turned the motor……… A couple sputters and bam! It ran! It took a little fiddling in the software and holding the throttle open a bit to get it warmed up, but IT RAN! It actually ran pretty darn well for its first awakening. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. Hearing it run for the first time made me feel like a proud father! After spending so much time putting it all together and touching each and every bolt and nut with my own hands it was amazing seeing and hearing it all work in unison.

From there I did the motor break in and finished getting the car ready for the road. Since my wagon now has a Getrag 265 transmission from a BMW, there is no bolt on driveline solution. Luckily a driveline from a 240 with an M47 driveline can be easily modified to work. The flange on the front of the M47 driveline is the same flange as found on the back of the Getrag. To make it all play nice together I took the driveline over to Driveline Service here in Portland and had them lengthen the front half of the driveline by 1.5” and balance the whole assembly. A couple days later I had it back and installed it in the car.

On Friday May 14th I pulled it out of my garage which had been its home for the last year and took it on a drive for the first time. While it still needs tuning work to get it running it’s best, first impressions are amazing. The new motor is strong and pulls nice even out of boost. Next is a few hundred moderate miles to help seat the rings and break in the Spec clutch. Then it’s time to really light the wick….

For more pictures and a video of the motor starting for the first time, check out my employee page on ipdusa.com here.

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, July 01, 2010 through Saturday, August 21, 2010

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